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Worst Gifts to Get on Christmas

Waking up on Christmas morning with all your presents under the tree and you get to the last one, it’s nothing you would have ever asked for or wanted, what a disappointment.

One middle schooler opened their stocking to find a whistle, the most annoying toy to receive, for the kids and the parents. Have you ever gotten a gift this bad? If you, did it probably couldn’t top bugs, ew. The only thing that could top bugs, insects and gross gifts in general is a either a re-gift or honestly nothing.

Re-gifts are one of the top worst gifs people our age have received.  It shows the person put no effort and thought in the gift. Lets look at bad gifts Landrum students have received.

Socks were a common one from Kate Molinari, Ella Puzey, and Margret Eastman. “I got socks one year but which are a fine gift, but the problem was they didn’t fit which is weird since socks are so stretchy,” said Nate Wolf. Other people from Landrum have said they got marbles. You can slip on marbles, and they are very dangerous for little kids. Even Ms. Pagliughi has gotten nothing for Christmas. “We were doing a Secret Santa and when I looked for my name there was no present for me. My nephew’s girlfriend had gotten me,” said Ms.Pagliughi.

Now from Mary Chase a student here at Landrum Middle school she says that one year she says, “One year I got a hideous green dress down to my shins, halfway down my arms and with a ugly uncomfortable turtle neck.” Mary chase says, “just not my style”.

Out of all these Christmases I don’t think I’ve ever got a bad gift. From sardines to underwear what is the worst gift you’ve ever gotten?


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