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What is ISS Really Like?

At Landrum, on any given day you will find a couple of kids are in ISS. Schools in Saint Johns County use a system called ISS, short for in school suspension.

According to a student who was formerly in ISS, in-school suspension is when a misbehaving student is contained and separated from other students during school hours.

Regarding the work done by the students in ISS, students would often do homework from their classes.

When they do not have homework to complete, students would be forced to review the school code of conduct.

Dean Anthony thinks that the school has done a good job in the choice of making students review the code of conduct.

According to Dean Anthony, who supervises those in ISS, as the COVID-19 outbreak spread across the world, the number of students in ISS decreased.

Questions regarding the treatment of the individuals in ISS have been answered by a student who was formerly in the program. The student, who was in ISS because he stole a yearbook, claims that his experience was pleasant.

“It wasn’t that bad, just a bit boring.”

The student claimed that ISS consisted of sitting in a room for the rest of school time. Overall, the student was satisfied ands stated that he was treated fairly. He said he hasn’t been in ISS since. He described it as a fair, but not cruel punishment.

Students get days in ISS depending on the severity of the punishment that they committed, the range of punishments start from one to possibly a week in ISS.

Deans describe ISS as a simple, but effective punishment that has benefits.

Proven to help discipline students and teach a lesson in behavior, all in all children in Landrum Middle School are well behaved.

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