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Virgil Abloh – Who He Was and What He Did

Virgil Abloh was a fashion designer and entrepreneur. He passed on November 28th , 2021. He lived a short life of 41 years. The cause of his passing was a rare form of cancer, cardiac angiosarcoma. He was a popular designer, and he made many things such as Off-White Nike shoes, Album covers for music artists, and tour merch for Kanye West, Travis Scott, and other major music artists.

He has accomplished many things. In 2017, he won the international designer of the year award, and his shoes won the shoes of the year award. Virgil is mainly known for partnering with Nike and creating The 10 Off White Nike shoes in October of 2016. These shoes are very well made, and well designed. However, these shoes go for around $2,000-$10,000. The shoes were divided into two themes: revealing, and ghosting.

“My favorite Off White shoe made by Virgil is The 10: Air Jordan 1’ off-white-Chicago shoes,” said Michael Boscato, an 8th grader at Landrum.

Virgil has made many album covers for various artists such as Kanye west, Kidcudi, A$AP Rocky, Lil Uzi Vert, and Pop Smoke, and more. The covers that he made for Kanye West are: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (ballet version), Watch the Throne (ft. Jay-Z), Yeezus, 808 & Heartbreaks, and Cruel Summer. His album collabs with Kidcudi consists of Wizard. His Pop Smoke album is called Shoot for the Stars, and Long Live ASAP is the album cover he made with A$AP Rocky, and Luv is Rage 2 by Lil Uzi Vert.

“My favorite cover is Watch the Throne,” said David Barry, an 8th grader at Landrum Middle School. “I like the design of it, and I like the gold,” he also said. Virgil has made some successful tour merch. He has collaborated with Kanye West and made tour merch for his albums Life of Pablo, and Jesus is King. He also made ASTROWRLD merch with Travis Scott, and Kids See Ghosts merch with Kanye West and Kidcudi. The prices of the merch are normally $100+.

“My favorite tour merch is the Kids See Ghosts merch,” said Michael Boscato. “They are very well-made, and I would definitely spend the money on them,” he said.

Abloh’s items that he made are going up in price after his passing. His influence is showing more in the fashion industry every day, and he is still popularizing after his death.

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