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Top gifts for Teen Girls

Many teens are particular about what they want for the holidays.

  1. A Stanley cups. This is a gift that has recently grown a lot on social media.. Many people love how they keep things cold for a long time and hold a lot of water. Price: 40oz-$45
  2. Shoes are a gift that you can’t go wrong with. Converse, Nike dunks, and UGGs are what most people are wearing right now. One of our LMS students Alexa Crowley says “I want UGGs, Because they keep you warm in the winter and can match with a lot of outfits.” Price range: $75-200
  3. Sol de Janeiro is one of the most wanted gifts. You can get all different scents in lotion, perfume and even hair care. There are many different scents that are labeled as numbers which can make shopping easier, some examples are 62, 63, 71, 72, Rio Radiance, Tan Lines, and a lot more. They also are more affordable than most perfume brands. Price: $20-50
  4. Apple Air pods are a hit gift. These are good for people who love music. One of our LMS students Paige Kendall said “I want AirPods for Christmas because mine are broken and I like to listen to music.” Price: $130-250
  5. Clothes are the #1 gift in the US and across the entire nation. Some brands teens shop for clothes from are Hollister, Aerie, Lululemon, American Eagle, etc. Price: $20-100
  6. Gifts Cards are something that everyone loves. Some stores that teens love to shop at are Aerie, Nike, Lululemon, and more. Price: Your choice!
  7. Kendra Scott, E Newton, and Pura Vida are the most popular jewelry stores in the country for teenagers. LMS student Elina Memisevic said “I want a hot pink Kendra Scott necklace. I want that because I feel like I can match it with all my outfits and wear it to school.” The price varies depending on what brand you choose.
  8. Sephora and Ulta have a lot of options for makeup lovers. They also have extremely good brands that many teens love. Price varies.
  9. Pharmacies, makeup stores, online, and Target are examples of places to get affordable but helpful skincare. Many teens are into brands such as Glow recipe, Drunk elephant, Summer Fridays and Bubble. Price varies depending on brand.
  10. Another popular item to gift is a mirror or a vanity. These can be found on Amazon, hardware stores, Sephora, and even Ulta sell makeup vanities. Teens can get ready and have a organized specific spot to do there makeup and skincare. Price: $100-300.

These are the top ten gifts for teens this year. This will help having a non-stressful Holiday season and make Christmas shopping easy.


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