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Top 8 Best Superbowl Contenders

Every year the Superbowl is one of the most watched events in the USA with over 110 million views a year. it is a great honor to make the Superbowl this year there are many teams that could make the Superbowl, here are who we think are the most likely to make it.

8.Kansas City Chiefs, the chiefs are coming off a Superbowl win but seem to have fallen off. The Chiefs have taken a hard loss to the Broncos, and Packers. Even though they have a superstar offense led by quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. The team’s flashiness and offensive skill has disappeared. Defense is a large problem too. Possibly their best defensive player has been playing at a mediocre level. Even though the Chiefs are eight and four, they are ranked at number eight for now. They could move up if they seem to play better but for now, they have low chances of another Superbowl. In our poll they received four votes.

“The Kansas City Chiefs can make the Superbowl can make the Superbowl if they improve their receiving core,” said Timmy Fawcett.

  1. Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys this year have been one of the greatest powerhouses on Offence and Defense. The reason they are ranked the lowest of these teams is because they are known for being eliminated early in the postseason. The Cowboys are number two in the NFC east and have a record of nine and three and are looking to continue their great season. The cowboys could move up but are currently number seven in the NFL for Superbowl odds. In our poll they received zero votes.

“The Cowboys could win the Superbowl if they limit injuries and Dak needs to play at an MVP level,” Sinjin Ciaffa.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars, The Jags a have a record of eight wins and four losses currently they are at the top of their division two wins ahead of next team the Indianapolis Colts. They have a good offense led by their quarterback Trevor Lawrence. He has help from an all-around good offense, but they have bad offense of line. On the over side with defense, they have an above average defense.

“The Jags have a good chance to have a big bound in the playoffs if they are more consistent against good teams and have more electric plays,” said Eston Wardell. They have never made the Superbowl, but this could their year. They many received votes in our poll.

  1. Detroit Lions – The Lions have had probably the worst franchise, but things started turning around last season and now they have a great offense with an amazing WR. They are having a phenomenal season with a record of eight and three and have a great coach, Dan Campbell who is a top coach of the year candidate.

” The Lions are a great team right now but sometimes they upset,” said Alex Haraldsen.

  1. Miami Dolphins, the Dolphins also have a record of eight and three. They currently sit at the top of their division. They have a stellar offense led by Tua Tugaliola, Tyreek Hill, and Jaylen Waddle. They have an average defense led by Jalen Ramsey although he was injured at the start of season. This year the dolphins had a stellar game where they scored seventy points against the Denver Broncos.

“If the Dolphins continue to do what they are doing beating bad teams they have a good chance of making the playoffs,” said Sandra Pagliughi

  1. Baltimore Ravens, The Ravens Have shown to be the best team in the AFC. They currently Have a record of nine and three and will continue their season winning games. Their offence is held up Lamar Jackson an elite rushing QB and former MVP. A comparison to cam newton and top runner for this years MVP. Ravens have had Great Playoff history pulling in two Superbowl and many playoff appearances. The Ravens will Most likely make Superbowl for the AFC.

“The Ravens could win the Superbowl if Lamar Jackson uses his offensive weapons and scrambles,” said Will Streva.

  1. San Francisco 49ers, the 49ers have a record of eight and three. They are on the top of their division above the Seattle Seahawks. Their offense has the most passing, rushing, and receiving yards in the NFL. Also, their defense has allowed the second least touchdowns in the NFL. They have star players on both sides of the field, defense, and offense. Their offense is led by running back Christian McCaffrey and their defense is led by Nick Bosa, Fred Warner, Talanoa Hufanga.

“I think the 49ers could easily make the Superbowl because of their best player Christian McCaffery,” said Marshall Dehart.

1.Philadelphia Eagles, the Eagles have Jalen Hurts who is a great young QB with 2 weapons at WR and they have the best O Line in the NFL. The Eagles currently have the best record in the NFL at ten and two and have a great RB. They currently have one of the best defenses in the NFL with Jalen Carter as one of the best rookies this year. This team is the team that will most likely be in the Superbowl this year. They received four votes in our poll

“I think the Eagles could take it all the way if they use their team strength in a good way and perform,” said Stone Fromme.

In Conclusion, this season has been crazy so far with a bunch of surprises. Some teams have had difficulties and some teams have exceeded the people’s expectations and some have failed them. Currently some of these teams are the top competitors but that does not mean they cannot fall back down. Right now, we do not know who will make the Superbowl. But there are some teams that will most likely come out on top.

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