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Top 10 Christmas Presents for Teen Boys

We all love Holiday presents. However, we do not always know what to get, especially for a the teen boys. Here are the top 10 Christmas presents for a middle schooler.

For $250 Air Pod Pros are an amazing gift for middle schoolers because they are perfect to game with or listen to music. According to Cooper Cimicula, “Air Pods are good for a Christmas present because they are wireless and portable.”

For $30 Rosyclo Pillow Cloud Slippers are extremely comfortable and easy to clean. They also come in many colors. This is a perfect gift for relaxing.

For $60 A JBL Portable speaker is perfect if your teen likes to listen to music. This speaker is a portable and waterproof speaker that has amazing capabilities. According to Santiago Kern the JBL Portable speaker is “This is a perfect gift because it has amazing sound quality.”

For $13 The Fluffy Shoulder Bag is an extremely comfortable, black, and white floral design, can go with any outfit and is very trendy.

For $20 The Adidas Unisex Alliance Sack pack is perfect for Sports, the gym, or just weekend hangs, this bag if the perfect for all that.

For $40 The Portable Inflatable Lounger is an inflatable and easy to blow up bean bag. Extremely comfortable on land and water. It is perfect for lounging on the beach. According to Kingston Krause “He thinks these are great gifts for Christmas.”

For $60 A Bluetooth keyboard is perfect if you have a computer and it has a clean, sleek, design. The Glow in the dark football is perfect if you want to play at night. According to Santi Kern “I think glow in the dark footballs and Bluetooth Keyboards would be a great gift for me.”

For $80 The Bluetooth Drone is a unique drone that can be flown by a controller connected to your phone and can do 360-degree flips, but that is not all. It has voice controls for takeoff and landing. According to Carson Cowart. “Drones can fly and are very cool.”

For $30 Mini Air Hockey Table is a state-of-the-art air hockey table that is perfect for burning time when you are bored. It is extremely fun, and any teen would love this. According to Carson Cowart “Air Hockey is very fun and relaxing.”


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