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The Top Three Christmas Movies

There are some very popular and fun traditions around the holidays, watching Christmas movies is

one of them. “Watching Christmas movies puts me in the Christmas spirt,” Says Mila Barenk.

Watching Christmas movies is a fun and easy tradition for all ages of the family, and we are going to look

at some of the most popular movies today.


#1 Elf

Elf is a PG comedy made in 2003. It starts off with Santa Clause (Ed Asner) going into a nursery,
presumably to give presents to the children. As he’s putting presents under the tree, a baby crawls into
the bag, enticed by the sparkly presents. The child is brought back to Santa’s factory on accident and is
practically adopted by the elves and is named “Buddy” (Will Ferrell). From there on he is raised by elves
until he gets curious enough to try and find his real father in New York city. Buddy is very funny and brings a smile to my face,” said 7th grader Margret Eastman.


#2 Home Alone

Home Alone is an Action/Comedy movie made in 1997 staring actor Macaulay Calkin as the 8-year-old troublemaker, Kevin. Punished by his mother (Kathrine O’Hara) to sleep in the attic the night before a family trip to Paris. When he wakes up to nobody in the house, he’s happy at first until he realizes that two robbers (Joe Pesci, Daniel stern) are trying to break in his home while the rest of his family is on the way to Paris. All alone, he must figure out how to protect his home from robbers, while his family tries to get back home without knowing French. “It’s one of my favorite movies because its full of action but also funny and entertaining,” said 7th grader Alex Haraldson from Landrum Middle School


#3 National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is a comedy/adventure film made in 1989, directed by Jeremiah s. Chechik. Staring Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold, Beverly D’Angelo as Ellen Griswold. Chevy chase is so desperate to have a perfect Christmas. He begs his wife Ellen and his children as he is setting the house up for a bright Christmas, However, things go bad, fast when his cousin rand and his family show up unplanned and start living on the Griswold’s property….in their camper. This is a very funny comedy/ family movie.


Whether its sitting by the fireplace with your family, or up in your room alone, everyone can agree that watching Christmas movies is one of the best traditions.




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