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The Secrets of Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun-loving Christmas tradition for families and friends all around the world. People play it to have fun, giving and receiving gifts. “I love it,” said Marget Eastman. So, now we can see how you can play.

Here is how you play:

People draw names from a bag and whatever name you receive you proceed to buy them a gift typically under thirty dollars. Once you buy your gift, your Secret Santa group will meet up to exchange presents. Many people are unsure what gift to get their person. “I like to spend time with friends, and I love the feeling of never knowing what you get,” said by Iyla Vaughn. Many people don’t know what to get somebody for Secret Santa…

Here are some ideas

“My favorite thing to get is skincare,” said by Wylie Maron. There are many more ideas to get someone if you’re not sure what to get them. Some ideas are, candy, Sephora, lip-gloss, candle, hand-sanitizer, mini Stanely’s, Tree hut, flowers, hairclips, candles, scrunchies, gift cards, nail polish, Peterbrooke chocolate, slippers, snacks, tumbler, Pura Vida, E- newton, ornaments, gum, sweatshirt, and stickers for water bottle/computer. Now that we have given you some ideas let us talk about the pros and cons of Secret Santa.

Some people think Secret Santa is a wonderful way to get together and have fun. “It is super fun,” said by Lakely Wallace, but some people think otherwise. There are many pros and cons of playing Secret Santa. One pro is Secret Santa gets you a lot of new and exciting goodies and treats it also gets you into the holiday season, but if you are on a tight budget and cannot pay for a gift it can be a struggle finding a perfect gift.

Overall, Secret Santa is a fun, traditional game that is played and loved. It can brighten up people’s days, it can add a sense of joy and the holiday season into your daily life.

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