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The Best Superhero Movie of All Time

There have been many super movies, some of the best being created by Marvel Studios. The best one of all time must go to the masterpiece: Thor Ragnorak. This movie is light-hearted and funny but still addresses some important topics that you might not notice. The jokes are hilarious, and it makes you love Thor and the supporting characters. It is just a great movie.

The best thing on the movie’s surface is its witty dialogue. Taika Waititi, the director, and the rest of the team made Thor funny. Thor and the other characters had lacked humor in the other movies. Chris Hemsworth took the change well and played his part to perfection. The movie had a lot more color to add to its lighter and more fun attributes, it is like it came straight from a comic book. My favorite joke in the movie is the line Thor says about him being “a friend from work.”

Thor Ragnorak has been criticized for being “too funny” or for “undercutting emotional scenes,” but it really has a great message and has an underlying political problem. The Grandmaster rules Sakaar with total authority. He ruled only for his own pleasure and used the contest of champions to distract people from the fact that they lived on a trash heap. Hela wanted to rule all and take control of everyone. Thor had to realize that Asguard is a people and not a place. He sacrificed Asguard to beat Hela and save his people. Thor, Loki, Valkerye, Hulk, and even Korg and the other characters all grew. The movie ended with every character being a better person.

There are some Marvel movies that people may say are better, like Black panther or Avengers Endgame. Thor Ragnorak though, is not only funnier than both movies, but also teaches you more underlying messages. Its final battle is also more grounded and more convincing than Black Panther. I will say though, the part in Avengers Endgame when they all come back, and fight was one of the best movie moments ever.

In conclusion, Thor Ragnorak is the best super-hero movie ever. It includes humor, character growth, a good message, and more. It is one of my top ten favorite movies ever. I cannot wait to see more of Thor and the rest of the cast in future movies.






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