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Teen Gift Ideas

The holiday season has officially begun, and everyone is starting to make Christmas lists. Many parents are wondering what to buy their teens this year.

A holiday must-have this year is clothes from the shop, Aerie. Aerie is a popular store among teens located at the St. Johns Town Center. According to seventh grade student, Emmy Wainer, “Aerie has a lot of really cute clothes, and the prices are just so affordable and they’re always having a sale.” Aerie sells a variety of clothes including tops, jeans, leggings, shorts, pajamas, and more. One of the best-sellers at Aerie are their flare leggings. They are cross-over waisted leggings that flare just below the knees.

Next, beauty products and skincare items are a popular thing among teens. If you haven’t heard by now Tree Hut products have been sky-rocketing all year long. Kendall Renew said, “I love all of Tree Huts items because there is so many to choose from and they all smell amazing.”  Not only that, Kate Szyslowski said, “I really enjoy their products because they moisturize and exfoliate my skin. They are just an all-around great product, and in my opinion their stuff should be on everyone’s list.” If you’re looking for a beauty product to try, Tree Hut is a great option. It’s a sugar scrub that nourishes your skin and gives you a natural glow. They have many different scents and options for you to choose from.

Electronics are a great thing to put on your list this year. A device that everyone wants this year is the iPhone 14.  Emmy Wainer, seventh grade, said, “I want the iPhone 14 for Christmas because it has great features, and my phone is getting very old.” The new iPhone 14 is water and dust resistant, it has a true depth camera, with 4k video recording at 24,25,30 and 60 frames per second. It is a great thing to put on your list if you’re looking to upgrade.

As you can see, there are many options for gifts. These are some of the most popular items, according to LMS students.


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