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Substitute Teachers

This month, the amount of substitute teachers at Landrum skyrocketed, with twelve subs on Tuesday of last week. There were also many teachers, administration staff and faculty filling in for their fellow co-workers. I think students get a lot of enjoyable time with their usual teachers, but the time spent with a new perspective from another teacher is necessary for growth and improvement in that class.

Teachers have been out for several reasons, the most common being the rapid spread of the Omicron strand of the Coronavirus. Teachers have been out anywhere from three days to a week, and substitutes have been hired left and right. I was lucky enough to be able to talk to a sub, Mrs. Madson, who subbed February 4th, she said, “I love to sub here, middle school is my favorite,” she said, while subbing for Ms. Blunk who was out for a week and a half with Covid. While she was not the only sub Ms. Blunk’s students had, because there was never a consistency.

I think that when substitute teachers are hired in, students can get a new take on the class or subject. For example, Mrs. Sacharski, the band director here at Landrum, was out with a cold for a week. We had different subs every day, but the best was a young woman who knows music, Ms. Suppa, the daughter of Mrs. Suppa the music teacher at PVPV/Rawlings Elementary in Ponte Vedra Beach. She took time to conduct, or lead, the band in the music we have been working on. Many aspects sounded more controlled and together than when we worked with our teacher.

Not only do the subs show diverse ways of teaching students, but they also must be patient and adjust quickly to unique environments every period. Just the other day, I had a substitute teacher in Mrs. Gavarrette’s class, the sub had to run a simulated fire drill without any practice. The substitute teacher had to quicky understand the information, and safely and calmly explain the vague materials given. Subs also must teach students topics that they are not familiar with. Such as substitute who knows math teaching a writing class or a substitute Spanish teacher trying to teach a different language.

I think that the time and energy that substitutes put into students is extremely appreciated and valued. Without their flexibility and kindness, we would be in a tough situation. We thank all the teachers and substitute teachers who help to make our school a better place.

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