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Studying: is it Necessary or Outdated?

The coliseum without columns is a preposterous idea, as a foundation is the most crucial part of a structure. Studying is a crucial part of getting a good grade, but reviewing your notes is a bit difficult when you have no idea how to, nor what to read or go over. Isabel Yang and Lily Russel were two spelling bee winners who were questioned for advice.

One of the most prominent forms of studying, it seems, is looking like you’re crazy and repeating the information aloud, to yourself.

“Yea, whenever I’m studying, I have to go ‘Alright. The first amendment is…’ It actually does help,” said Lily.

Isabel was more of a visual learner than Lily.

“When I was studying for the spelling bee, I found last year’s words, and wrote them down… all of them,” Isabel said.

According to her, seeing your work on paper also helps. Repetition is one of the best methods of remembering information, no matter the type of learner you are or the things you’re using to learn.

As the interview progressed, however, something came up. 3/5 of the spelling bee winners didn’t study. This contradictory information brought up a few questions.

Considering most were able to succeed without studying, why is studying so important, why does it even exist? According to, our modern education system was created in 1837. The Industrial revolution ended around 1840. By that logic, when the school system was being made, the full intent was to pump out rule following and factory ready employees. So, school was suited to test students’ ability to contain and retain information, and studying was made to practice that. That was a while ago, and our world looks very different now, but our schools look eerily similar.

Students have been losing good study habits lately, so who knows if kids in 2030 will still have to study at home, at all? The public education system hasn’t changed foundationally since before the world wars. It might be time for a change. For now, though, colleges and jobs still need people who can learn and study on their own.


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