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SSYRA Debate

Grim, sincere, deceiving and honest, literature takes various types of forms in each reader’s vision. Reading can transport someone’s soul to another world and transform their understanding of language through diverse descriptions provided by an author. Encouraging the medium of books, the Sunshine State Young Reader Awards book program, or the SSYRA, seeks to raise the comprehension of grade-level literature in Florida. But the corporation wouldn’t be as successful as it is without the creative persuasion schools have structured in order to convince students to become engaged.

Judy Gill, a middle school librarian for over 3 years, believes that the program is successful in its goal. As she has been through many occasions considering the purchase of the 15 books chosen each year by librarian officials for the SSYRA program, Ms. Gill has primary insight on the effects of this organization. “Each school individually does their own incentive program,” she differentiates between the program’s encouragement efforts and her own. The SSYRA program’s main function is choosing 15 books for students in grades 6 through 8. Although, there is no reward system implemented to inspire students to participate.

Considering this, some schools have chosen to design their own rewards system in replacement. “I try to give them smaller steps, so that they have something to reach as they’re reading them each time they read something,” Ms. Gill describes. Her own system of suggesting students to read books presented by the SSYRA program is separately effective. She embeds rewards students can earn for reading a certain amount of books each time, resulting in the increase of SSYRA books being read.

Stacey O’Brien, an educator teaching 6th grade classes, views the Sunshine State Young Reader Awards book program in an enhancive light. Teaching students for over 3 years as well, she has seen the improving statistics from several generations concerning the SSYRA program. “It’s a good starting point if they’re looking for a good book,” She believes reading comprehension increases the more SSYRA books a student reads. Furthermore, if a student reads all 15 books are more likely to become top pupils in their Language Arts class and adept in the field of those prospective skills, which would then contribute to their success in other courses who exercise those attributes as well.

Simultaneously, the classroom teacher also believes in Ms. Gill’s own implemented program. “I love how Ms. Gill offers her own incentive program too,” Mrs. O’Brien states. She explained how her students are always asking to take quizzes based on the SSYRA books they’ve read to obtain rewards. Enjoying the bask of excitement her students express towards the sectioned set of books because of the extra rewards system, Mrs. O’Brien finds Ms. Gill’s incentive program a reinforcing force to the SSYRA program’s purpose.

Evidently, the Sunshine States Young Reader Awards book program reaches its objective in continuously ascending the interest as well as improvement of elementary and middle school students through their literature capabilities. In contrast, the corporation’s revolutionary progress is projected by school’s own self-sewn rewards programs that crescendo the interest in reading said books, and further develop improvements in reading comprehension and writing adroitness. Overall, students becoming motivated to pick from a variety of grade level and higher collection of books alternatively benefits them in a higher sense of purpose.

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