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Should We Get Lockers Back at School? 

During this school year students have lost the privilege of lockers due to COVID -19, a virus affecting the country. The question is thought should students get lockers again. Even though there is not any real evidence of lockers coming back, you can still know what students, deans, teachers, and other staff members think about getting lockers back, or even if we should get lockers back? 

Leah Grall, a Landrum student gave her opinion about lockers. 

“(Not having lockers) hasn’t really affected me, I didn’t use mine last year, I like lockers, But I would rather just have teachers keep the big books in the classroom,” said Leah Grall 

What might be surprising too, is that most people interviewed said that they have seen some change in student behavior. But, Dean Grall who oversees student behavior had this to say. 

“We have less issues with students, you know because it one less thing that students can have problems with, or problems with someone else’s locker, it has helped from that standpoint, but I think the positives of having lockers outweigh the negative,” said Dean Grall. 

Not everyone agrees with Dean Grall though. Teacher Ms. Wray had a different opinion on lockers. 

“I am not in favor of giving back lockers right now because it increases the close interaction between students, and I think that is something we are trying to avoid right now,” said Ms. Wray. 

Most staff seem to agree that eventually we should get lockers back but right now is not a good time. Mrs. Dickey (the guidance secretary) had this to say about how getting rid of lockers help stop the spread of COVID-19. 

“I think it allows for more room in the hallways, for the ones that are in the hallways, I think it illuminates the gathering, I think not having lockers has helped effect the amount of contact for Covid,”said Mrs. Dickey 

Even if most people think we shouldn’t get back lockers right now there are still things that people miss about lockers. 

“(I miss) birthdays, and decorating lockers, I miss customizing lockers,” said Landrum student Leah Grall. 

Missing decorating lookers is a big thing as many staff members pointed out. 

“I miss giving the kids personal space,” said Mrs. Dickey. 

However, some people have pointed out the benefits of not having lockers. 

“The benefits of losing lockers are students seem to have what they need with them in class,” said Ms. Wray 

Some students don’t even want back lockers, for various reasons. 

“I don’t really prefer having lockers because I didn’t really use my locker last year,” said Leah Grall. 

Both sides have valuable an argument on what is happening with lockers. Some are in favor. Some want to give back lockers eventually but can agree right now is not the right time due to COVID-19. Even if there is no evidence, we will get them back, many hope we will. 


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