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Ranking the Eternals by Their Powers and Strength

I will be ranking the Eternals from least powerful to most powerful.

10/10: Sprite

Sprite is ranked last because her ability to create illusions is cool, but not really that useful. The illusions are not tangible, and her tendency to have a quick temper and sass could end up being a problem in battle.

9/10: Ajak

While Ajak’s power of healing is particularly useful, she has no way to fight or be of use in battle. The only reason she is not at the bottom of the list is because she was the Prime Eternal and was the Eternals means of communicating with Arishem.

8/10: Gilgamesh

Yes, I will admit that Gilgamesh’s “big punch” (if you know, you know) is incredibly powerful, it’s just not that versatile. Compared to other characters such as Sersi and Phastos, there’s just few uses for it other than punching Deviants.

7/10: Makkari

This was a hard rating to give, as Makkari is one of my favorite Eternal, but she’s just not as powerful as the others. Her ability to run is significant to the team and has many uses, but in terms of raw power, she’s just not at the very top of the list.

6/10: Phastos

We know that Phastos can do so many things with his power, like building the Domo, creating the Uni-Mind, even restraining a character as powerful as Ikaris. But again, in terms of raw power, he’s just not good enough.

5/10: Druig

First, Druig is my favorite character, so I have nothing against him. We know that he is powerful enough to try and put Tiamut to sleep, even with the Uni-Mind, and he has thought about taking control of all humans on earth. The only reason he is not at the top of this list is because the other characters are much more powerful than him.

4/10: Sersi

Sersi is powerful. I will say that. But her power isn’t intended to be an offensive ability. We have only seen her use it for defensive, like in the forest with Druig, when she turned a Deviant to a tree to protect herself and in London when she turned a bus to rose petal and the concrete to sand. All used in self-defense, not for the offensive.

3/10: Kingo

Kingo’s ability to shoot energy from his fingertips is incredibly useful and powerful. He can kill Deviants on his own and with help. Kingo is also one of the best characters, providing comic relief in tense scenes, so it would be wrong to give him a rating of anything under #3.

2/10: Thena

I don’t think anyone would be surprised by this rating, Thena’s ability to create any weapon out of magical energy is incredibly powerful. We have seen her kill a Deviant that’s over 10x her size, all on her own.

1/10: Ikaris

Despite his betrayal at the end of the movie, there is no doubt that he is the most powerful character in the Eternal, with other characters noting that as well, with Kingo pointing out that even with all their powers combined, they would not be able to defeat him. With flight, enhanced strength and energy projection, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Ikaris is the most powerful Eternal.


All the Eternals are incredibly powerful, and these rankings were not intended to put down any of the characters. (Please don’t come after me!!) I love the movie and believe that it is the best Marvel movie to date.

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