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Pizza Smackdown

Whenever you eat pizza, it is always an argument about who sells the best pizza. Well, this is about to end all those arguments about which pizza is better, Al’s or Papa John’s. We will tell you which crust, cheese, and sauce are the best.

First let’s start with the crust, is it crunchy, soft, chewy, hard, thick, thin, or somewhere in between? We are going to start with Papa John’s. Their crust is buttery, so it always has a nice taste. The butter also adds to the crunchiness that it already has. The shell of the crust is hard, but it leads into a soft inside. The crust has a medium thickness making it have more of a doughy filling inside which makes the pizza better. Now it is time for us to talk about the crust of Al’s Pizza. Their crust is also crunchy but instead of being crisp from melted butter it is cooked more to the perfect point of not burnt but still crunchy. It is thinner than Papa John’s but still not a thin crust pizza. The inside of the crust is very flakey so that it melts in your mouth. That is all we have to say about the crust, now it is time to move more toward the center of the pizza.

Next, we are going to talk about cheese, is it soft, stiff, cheesy, or gooey? We are going to start by talking about the cheese on Al’s pizza. Al’s has a provolone cheese that is gooey so that when you eat it long strings of cheese come off. The cheese is also thick, meaning that it rises off the pizza adding to the flavor. Now we will talk about Papa John’s cheese. Papa John’s has mozzarella cheese that is both cheesy and rich in flavor. Despite being layered thinner than Al’s the use of mozzarella really adds to the taste. Also, every slice has just the right amount of cheese. We are going to talk about the sauce of the pizza next.

Now we are going to talk about sauce, is it sweet, spicy, tomato tasting, or does it go with the cheese or breading? First, we will talk about Papa John’s. Their sauce is extra sweet which adds flavor to the pizza. Also, the little bit of spice in the middle adds a savory component. The cheese really goes well with it. Al’s sauce has an extremely tomato tasting sauce that complements the crust and breading. Also, they never have too much sauce on the pizza that overwhelms the cheese. That’s it for sauce now we will tell you which one is the best.

Finally, we will now tell you which place wins each category. First for crust Al’s pizza wins because it is cooked perfectly and has a flaky inside. Next for cheese Papa John’s wins because their mozzarella is rich in flavor also, every slice has the right amount of cheese. Finally for sauce Al’s wins because their tomato-like sauce goes well with the rest of the pizza and never overwhelms the cheese.

Overall, Al’s has the best pizza because of it is flaky, perfectly cooked crust and it is expert tomato sauce that never overwhelms the pizza.

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