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Pine or Plastic

As you are getting out of the car and breathing in the cool December air you look around and you see pine trees twice the size of you and the scent of candy canes fills the air. Or would you rather be comfortably at your house in your pajamas easily snapping together a beautiful fake Christmas tree. Well, there are lots of pros and cons for both real and fake trees.

One con of getting a real tree would be you have to pick up all the pine needles that fall on the floor. Another con is also that some pets are allergic to real Christmas trees such as cats, these trees can be deathly allergic if a cat swallows a pine needle. Real tree prices have been rapidly increasing over the years. The average price of a tree is so expensive because of supply and demand, more people want a tree, so the price goes up. “I would rather have a fake tree than a real tree because it can’t burn down your house and dogs are allergic to real trees,” said Caden Lehnert.

Although there are some cons with real trees nothing can replace the feeling of the scent of pine trees filling the air. You cannot replace the feeling of going to a Christmas tree farm to pick out the perfect tree with family and friends and decorating the Christmas tree with the scent of fresh Christmas tree still lingering while you eat dinner. “I prefer a real tree because it looks more pleasing and you don’t have plastic sticking out everywhere,” said Lavezz Harry.

So, you have heard all about the pros and cons of a real tree but what about fake trees? One pro about getting a fake tree is the convenience, with the click of a few buttons you can have a shiny new tree delivered to your front door by the end of the day. Also, it is easy to put together and you can use it for many years.

There are not just pros about fake trees, there are some cons too. Like for example, some fake trees have fake snow, and it gets all over the floor and takes forever to clean up. Also, some people long for the smell of fresh Christmas tree and you cannot get that with a fake tree.

All in all, there are many pros and cons for both real and fake trees. However you choose to celebrate the holidays, remember this article the next time you are picking out a tree, on a tree farm or on amazon.

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