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Palm Valley Fish Camp

Palm valley fish camp is a sit-down restaurant in Ponte Vedra beach, FL. When our group of eleven went they put us at a picnicking bench that did not have room for all of us, so my mom had to sit in a deck chair. Half of our party was about 20min late, but it was all okay because they sat our group without any wait. Because we had such a large group, we could only sit outside but that was completely ok with me because it has a waterfront view.

Our server’s name was Alex. Earlier that day, they sent home half of the servers, but when dinner was, all the tables had people at them. At most of the parties were groups of 4 or more. Alex came once and asked what the little kids what they wanted and then he put the order in so they could sit and eat. Sadly, he forgot to take the adults orders, it was about a 20-minute wait until he realized that he forgot. But the food came out at a perfect time because it was all warm and perfectly cocked. My crab was very meaty and the breading around it had the perfect amount of salt. My father’s fish was excellent perfectly cooked the grits had great flavor.

The aesthetic of the restraint was great it had a very nature feel to it. The outside area was genuinely nice and clean, it had yellowish lights above it, which was nice because it was not too dark, and you could still see the stars in the sky. It was also unbelievably beautiful when the sun was setting, because we could see the pink, yellows and oranges that was one of my favorite parts because I felt very close with nature. The front of the building is extremely cute. It has an exceptionally large bench that looks like a tree. The bathrooms are very clean and well-kept there was no trash on the floor, and it did not stink. The inside of the building was also nice, it had soared ceilings and a genuinely nice green on the walls. It smelled like the delicious food that was being papered in the kitchen.

When our dessert came out it was outstanding, we all ordered the white chocolate cranberry bread pudding, it wad the most vibrant flavors and when it came out of the kitchen it looked so good because it was topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. The bread pudding was made that day like it is every day.

Palm Valley Fish Camp is an excellent restaurant to go to with family, friends, and even small children. It is convent because they have a valet service it so simple you just have to give them the keys and they will park your car for you it makes the visit so much easier because they have a small parking lot, I have been several times and they have always taken great care of my car. Overall Palm valley fish camp is a wonderful place to go, it is on the more expensive side, but the prices match the service and quality of the food that you get.


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