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Main Squeeze: A Review

Main Squeeze is in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. It is a new establishment and has just begun starting to roll. Main Squeeze is known for their smoothies and their acai bowls. It is a small business, and not many people have tried it. It is in a small shopping and food area but has its own separate building. Even for the small time Main Squeeze has been open it has received many mixed opinions from the people who have tried it. Let us get into how we feel about Main Squeeze.


To start off main squeeze has many great things about it. It was quite an experience when we first tried it. The customer service is amazing, and the workers are very kind and respectful. The food came out fairly quick and the establishment was very clean. We also loved the architecture of the building. The prices of the foods were well, and it also had a mini fridge with lots of nutritious and healthy drinks. They are organized very well and if you’re looking for a refreshment over the summer or after a workout this is the place to go. When we spent our time there, we studied how the workers interacted with each other. They seem to really love their job and love the people there. After our experience we have concluded this information.

Now as do many other restaurants and businesses there is always flaws in their perfect place. As we said main squeeze does have a good balanced working system. But let’s get down to the food part. Main Squeeze is known for their smoothies and acai bowls but, not in a good way. As soon as our acai bowl came out it didn’t look too promising. There weren’t a lot of toppings and it seemed to look a little liquidly. The taste was very, odd and it did not taste like an acai bowl should. Since their food didn’t take too long to come out, we observed that it seemed as though that they didn’t take the time to really prepare the food for us. The smoothie on the other hand was not as bad. It could still use some work seeing as though there was not enough flavor to the smoothie that they gave to us. Now as before, this isn’t our only view on Main Squeeze there are many benefits but with that comes many negative things as well. That being said, Main Squeeze does have somethings they could work on to maintain a good working business.

In the end, Main Squeeze is a great establishment and juice place and as mentioned it is a very clean place with amazing workers. Its food is not so great and smoothies definitely could use some work, but, based off of our experience we would rate this a solid 3.5 stars out of 10. We would not go back, but we definitely recommend you try it to see what your opinion is on it.

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