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LMS students vote overwhelmingly towards fabric masks 

Now that masks are mandatory at Landrum Middle School, recent surveys show Landrum students are in favor of fabric masks over medical or Gaiters. 

 “They are more comfortable” says 7th grader Kate Pelot. 

Like Kate other students agree. “You can wash them, so you can keep them clean.” 7th grader Alexandra Wright says referring to fabric masks. Almost 50% of students voted fabric masks. 

While many like fabric not everyone prefers them. “When I wear the other ones, they seem to ‘suck in’ when I talk” Journalism teacher, Mrs. Pagliughi stated, as she is in favor of the medical masks. 

Furthermore, students also like Gaiter masks. 

“Comfortable and easy to put on and off,” 7th grader Kasey Kovacs says, he believes they are a great choice and suits her because she always loses her masks. 

One student in the survey stood out for he couldn’t chose a favorite mask. “You can’t breathe in them, waiting for the exhale” Ryker Kemp, an 8th grader at LMS. He states he could not choose a mask because he doesn’t like any mask. 


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