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LMS students choose what kind of protection is the most effective

Sixty-seven percent of students that took part in the poll believed that we should only have to wear masks. Nineteen percent decided that we do not need that much protection and all we need is a shield. But, the last one percent decided that it should be left how it is and we should still be using both a desk shield and a face mask.

Seventh Grader, Tait McGraw chose just a mask, “I can’t see the board with the shields up.” she said.

But some students would disagree.

“Masks are annoying and get in way.” said Kate Gottfried.

Both of these statements are valid, but there is one more side to the story.

“I would still have both because I don’t want to get Corona.” said Zach Pate

He thinks that is the way to go considering that it is the safest way and has the most face equipment protecting you.

All in all, LMS students definitely still need face protection when around other people.

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