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Julian Assange | American Hero or Traitor?

Julian Assange, the CEO of Wikileaks. A huge organization dedicate to exposing secrets from governments all around the world. However, Julian Assange has recently come under fire from the US government, as he has exposed various war crimes committed by the United States. Including, but not limited to, Torture, Murder of civilians, and posted a video known as “Collateral Murder” in which the camera of an attack helicopter is shown and US troops brutally murdering journalists in Iraq and then later laughing about it.

This video completely embarrassed the US Military and various government agencies, such as the CIA and FBI. One of the most critical blows that Assange landed was the post of “Vault 7” a series of CIA hacking tools. Various Senior Officials considered the option of murdering Julian Assange in a street shootout. But where did this all begin? How did this happen?

Julian Assange was born in Townsville, Australia, in 1971.  He moved quite a lot in Australia. In his childhood, he lived in more than 30 towns. His biological father separated from his mother before he was even born, leading him to have a stepfather, Brett Assange. They traveled frequently together.

Julian Assange went to the University of Melbourne (2003-2006). Julian Assange was seen as prodigy for his age and was widely respected among the community. While in College, he studied programming and mathematics and physics. Before he went to college, he was charged with cybercrimes but was only punished with a small fine.

Later on, in his late college years, he created Wikileaks. The first thing he published was a message from a Somali rebel leader ordering the assassinations of government officials. Wikileaks later on published details of disturbing incidents at Guantanamo Bay, exposing the cruelty of the US government, and also posting many other classified documents from various organizations and governments, such as scientology. By 2010, Wikileaks had already leaked 50,000 documents. When he was in Sweden, he was charged with sexual assault two times, the first one being dropped due to a lack of evidence, but the second one was supposed to get him extradited to the US. How convenient that these allegations would reveal themselves after he began revealing more classified US documents. He stayed in refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.


In 2011, Wikileaks posted the aforementioned video, “Collateral Damage”. The US was completely embarrassed after this and denied all war crimes, claiming the troops followed the rules of engagement. This of course makes no sense. These were unarmed, innocent Iraqi journalists. Not only did Julian Assange reveal that, but he also revealed war crimes in Afghanistan, and other middle eastern occupied country, along with the US secret war on Yemen. After Julian was sent to the Ecuador embassy, UK police waited outside and wouldn’t let him out for 7 YEARS. How dare the US have the audacity to preach press freedom and liberty to other countries, while good journalists who expose nasty secrets get persecuted. When we occupy countries in the middle east, and say we liberate these countries, when neither the people nor countries government want us there. This proves that decent journalism is dead when various western governments cooperate or stay silence in the presence of the US. The Australian government has been completely silent in this whole affair. All of the countries governments that cooperated in this affair should be ashamed of themselves. The UK, Australia, US, and any other countries even remotely involved should be treated as enemies of the press. After the London police caught him, he was tried for a extradition to the US, and won the appeal. So now he will be tried in a British Court. Not enough people are paying attention to this incredibly important moment in American history. This sets an incredibly dangerous precedent for years to come in the American press and shows that the US is willing to silence journalists who expose their crooked empire. When the US commits war crimes in these imperial conquests, they should be tried at the same level as all the other nations have been. The US should not be exempt from justice when it comes it to the horrible atrocities and war crimes that are committed. The corruption and lies of the Western World, and while super powers historically are usually very corrupt and imperial, the once bastion of freedom the US stood for is now eroding away.

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