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Is Homework Good or Bad?

Homework is one of the most hated things among students, homework is a set of school assignments that teachers give to their students to better prepare them for the subject. However, many students and even teachers believe that homework is not helpful at all, and only causes issues. We’ve decided to research the idea of homework to see if it is good for Landrum Middle School!

“The amount of math homework at this school is crazy,” stated Cooper Sobiecki, an 8th grade student at Landrum Middle School. According to, the average 8th grader gets over 60 minutes of homework per day, math being the biggest advocate. The Teachers in favor of homework would argue that it sharpens the students’ knowledge, however is that true? According to Cooper Sobiecki, “Homework is extremely helpful in classes like algebra, especially since my teacher, Mr. Heikens goes so fast, but it has also put a dent in my daily schedule with how much were given.”

One of the biggest complaints about homework is how it affects our schedule. According to, excessive homework can cut down on productive family time, especially in families where the parents cannot help their kids with their homework. This will cause stress to increase, and this will affect the student’s relationships when he eventually does spend time with their family. “Because of homework messing up my schedule, I have to stay up to at least 10:00 at night,” Cooper stated. How homework affects a student’s sleep schedule is also problematic. According to, a teen should get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, excessive homework can ruin this schedule.

Homework is not going away anytime soon, there are many pros and cons to assigning it. To elaborate, it’s really the teacher’s decision if homework is good or bad. Although it can affect schedules very poorly, it can also give students a boost in their knowledge on a topic. Homework will always be a controversy, some schools are removing it all together, some schools are giving more than they ever have before. It’s up to you to decide what role homework plays at Landrum Middle School.



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