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Huey Magoos, Jacksonville Beach Review

Huey Magoos, one of the finest chicken tender places in all of Florida recently opened a new store at Jacksonville Beach located at 3952 3rd St. in the South Regional Plaza.

First, right when you walk in, your eyes are delighted with the pleasant decorations and aesthetically pleasing wallpaper. There were multiple tables all around the restaurant and even outside so you could eat while getting a breath of fresh air. When we were ordering, all the employees were super kind and patient. The menu was super vivid and had lots of options to choose from, such as tenders, wraps, sandwiches, and salads! There were also the signature dips and sauces. There were also drink options, such as the famous “Huey Lemonade.” There were lots of images around the menu, which made it a little hard to read, but was still readable.

We both ordered the 3-piece hand breaded chicken tender meal, one with chips and one with fries. It comes with a side of your choice, Texas bread, and coleslaw. Our food came super quick, it did not take much time at all. It was busy, but the food only took about 5 minutes, which is super-fast compared to other restaurants. Both of our meals were fantastic, the chicken was well seasoned, as were the fries and chips. The fries were a bit soggy, but the amazing seasoning made up for it. Our chicken was super crispy and juicy and really met our expectations. The fries and chicken were great with and without the sauce. Our only complaint was that they forgot to give us our sauce, and we had to ask for it again.

The signature “Huey Lemonade” was delicious. It was tangy and sour, but sweet at the same time. It tasted a little bit like pink lemonade (it was not pink lemonade). The coke was very fizzy and bubbly, it really hit the spot. The only bad thing was that our tables were a little dirty and had little crumbs everywhere, but not overly dirty.

The bathroom was fully stocked with anything you might need and was exceptionally clean. There was a good amount of soap and towels. Even though the bathroom was clean, the kitchen was even cleaner. The kitchen from what we could see was clean and sanitary. The food was being prepared in a clean area with proper tools. All the dishes we were given were clean and did not have any dirty stains.

Overall, we had an amazing time at Huey Magoos. The staff was nice, the food was great, it had a good environment, and all the rooms were nice and clean. It was a 9/10 for both of us, only because the tables weren’t the cleanest and had little crumbs everywhere. Also, the food was a little bit soggy, but was still incredibly good. We will totally be coming back to eat more of this fantastic food.


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