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Holiday Travel

When the holidays get closer, some students like to travel to different places to have fun during the holidays. Whether it is to see family, friends, or maybe travel to a new state or country to have fun. It’s the time for people to spend time together and bring joy to their family. Travelling is about the memories you make while being with your family and friends. Some people travel to do fun activities like skiing or sledding. This is the time of year to spend with your family and friends. Students here at Landrum Middle School are answering this question.

Landrum Middle School student Keaton Fannin 7th grade, “I’m going to Kiawah Island, South Carolina to go golfing at the ocean course with my dad and to go on long walks on the beach,” he said. Keaton will be spending lots of time with his dad. “I cannot wait much longer I’m excited,” he said. He will be having so much fun golfing and walking on the beach with his dad. He is really looking forward to this trip and all the memories he’ll make with his dad.

Another student at Landrum, Blake Goerge in 7th grade, “I am going to Michigan for this holiday season to go skiing with my family and to spend some quality time with them this holiday,” he said. Blake is excited to go skiing he can’t wait. “I’m really excited to go skiing this month I just cannot wait,” he said. Blake is really looking forward to this experience in the holiday season.

Daniel Ostapenko a Landrum Middle School 7th grade student. “I’m travelling up north to Tennessee with my family to spend time with them and to go ice fishing during the holiday,” he said. He has some exciting activities to do during this holiday. “I’m also going to see some of my relatives that live up in Tennessee and I’m happy to see them again,” he said. This is going to be a great holiday experience for Daniel.

Students at Landrum Middle School are excited for this holiday season. They can spend time with friends and family, do holiday activities and travel. Everybody is excited for this upcoming holiday. The excitement is in the air.

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