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Holiday Gift Ideas

From money to clothes, to consoles to shoes Landrum students love holiday gifts. Here are a few gift ideas for friends and family members. As of today, our most popular gift today was money, and cloths coming into a close second.

“A holiday gift I want is a gaming headset,” said Tillman Fried. According to Google a gaming headset is an over-the-ear headphones equipped with a clear microphone.” Now let’s see what other people want as a gift during the holidays.

“I want a Nike Tech as a holiday gift so I can look fresh and so people know that I can dress good,“ said Ben Schmitt. The Nike Tech Fleece Hoodie is a staple that adds flexibility to your wardrobe. “I want money because I can buy anything with it,” said Zach Pirris. Were sure you are wandering what Zach would buy with that money he said he would love to buy a gaming monitor for better performance on his video games.” I would want an electric bike because I have a big neighborhood, and it would be fun to ride around with my friends, “said Luke Johnson. Electric bikes are a bike powered by an electric battery which can reach up to high speeds and lots of battery life without you having to use a pedal. “I would like to have the Toasty Rift Blue dunks because I love the colors and I have a lot of cloths I can match with it,” said Mackay Schneider.

“I want money because I don’t have a lot and I want to buy ice cream,” said Hudson Hauseman.

Christmas is on the way and so is some of your birthdays, you probably gotten some ideas of what you want and what you might get someone. These ideas are some of Americas most popular gifts, so go can get you some gifts for the holidays.


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