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Holiday Celebrations Around the World

Around 25-30 million Christmas trees are sold in the US every year! The holidays seasons are one to look forward to each year. Each celebration during the holiday seasons is unlike any other. Depending on where you are or which religion you practice can show what celebration you may take part in annually. Many holiday traditions are celebrated throughout the world during the holiday seasons. However, some of the most common celebrations during the holiday seasons are Christmas and Hanukkah.

The most popular holiday around the globe, is Christmas. 92% of Americans participate in this festivity. Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated around the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Billions of families gather on December 25th every year. There are many common Christmas traditions. One way to spread Christmas cheer, is by putting out decorations. Decorating the Christmas tree, and stringing Christmas lights, are just two common decor staples. Other common Christmas time activities include, gingerbread house making, cookie decorating, ice skating, building snowmen, going caroling, and so much more. These are just a few Christmas-time favorite.

“Either secret Santa or ice skating,” said Stella McAllister. Overall, the Christmas holiday is special to many, and is anticipated for the twelve months leading up to it.

One of the most popular Jewish holidays is Hanukkah. The word Hanukkah means dedication which shows the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Hanukkah is unlike another holiday because it is celebrated for eight nights to commemorate how long the holy light burned. One of the many Hanukkah traditions is lighting each candle of the menorah each day. The menorah symbolizes the creation in seven days with the center light representing the Sabbath. A whole 5% of people celebrate Hanukkah. Fun Hanukkah activities include lighting the menorah, receiving gifts, and more.

“I love to light the menorah,” said Nate Wolf. Lighting the Hanukkah menorah commemorates the miracle that the oil burned for eight days.

“I really like to get gifts on Hanukkah,” said Ilya Vaughan. Hanukkah gifts are usually thoughtful, small, and sometimes they are food related. All in all, Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that reaffirms the ideals of Judaism and commemorated the Second Temple by lighting candles on each day of the festival.

Overall, the holidays are important to many people around the world. No matter your religion or culture everyone finds a way to have fun during the holiday season. Christmas and Hanukkah are just two of many common celebrations.

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