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Flo’s Ice-cream Review

Flo’s is known for their incredible ice creams and cakes. But how do they present themselves to others and customers, what are their highs and lows, best and worst? We will Dive into the characterizes of these amazing flavors and the whole store in general. This Ice-cream shop is located very well most of the customer in the area are about 5 – 10 minutes away. Located at 880 Vadra A1A N, Suite 11. PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Florida 32082, this is the go too ice-cream place in the town of Ponte Vedra, Beach some reviews that local’s say is “Excellent customer service, and amazing flavors. Ice cream is sooooo good! Waffle cones were great. Nice location, ample parking. Indoor and outdoor seating options. Clean! Tons of variety.” Who does not like eating your cold, creamy, ice-cream outside watch the sunset, over the water. My personal experience was great, people around the store were nice, and friendly.

The flavors were amazing with great toppings including Gummy bears, sprinkles, cookies bites etc., I did not know what to choose, so I got chocolate with gummy bears, and drizzled chocolate syrup, all homemade, made in the back where the flavors are blended and made, toppings are delivered, and cones freshly made. When you walk into this Ice Cream shop and notice a very friendly face, that is Robin, the flamingo mascot. As you make your way to the line, to buy your ice cream. You will immediately be greeted by the very thoughtful staff and ready to take your order. They provide free samples, if you want to taste a flavor or even decide which one tastes better. When I order I got 2 scoops of chocolate in a bowl which costs a total of 6.65$ (including tax), there are many cones to choose from though, like Caramel, chocolate, chocolate sprinkled, and their most famous, homemade waffle cones etc. Some things I saw were their bright pink and white themes after their very own robin the flamingo.

Almost everything in the building was cleaned to perfection and I could not say anything more about unclean besides the outside tables. But you can barely notice with the amazing sunset, warm weather, and great atmosphere. Some things that I would change about the store itself is having more staff, I say this because there is a lot of people that go to this shop and sometimes it gets loaded with customers. To uncompact these people, the building should be a little bigger in size and increase the number of tables.

Second, In my opinion the place should have Tv’s so if I wanted to watch the news or a show I can. Lastly the hour times they usually open around 3:00 pm and I think opening it earlier would increase the amount of people, which would increase the sales, but I do understand if the store does not make as much profit in the morning then in the afternoon.

My overall review is 5 stars a wonderful place to hang out and eat your homemade, creamy, flavorful ice cream. I would come back. Pros: great service, friendly staff, great taste, colorful, homemade foods, good atmosphere. I can go on and on but that would be way too much. Cons: Small area, could have more staff, should have Tv’s, and not so good hour times. That is my Review.

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