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Elf on the Shelf

A lot of people buy elves on the shelves around Christmas Time. If you have an Elf on the Shelf, you must have gotten it when you were two or three years old. Elf on the shelf is such a fun and exciting part to look forward to when it comes to the holiday season, but did you know how the idea of these magical elves having to come to your house started?

It started around the year 2005, Christmas season, when Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell, decided to publish a book called “Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition” which included a tiny elf, the same one we use today. Christa Pitts, the author’s daughter, said that they had an elf that would report to Santa at night. In the morning, it would be in a different place than it was before. The news spread, and over the years, more people had decided to buy this fun little “ornament,” and now, it has become a Christmas tradition.

The Christmas tradition says that elves on the shelves are usually 11-12 inches tall. They also wear bright red suits that have a spiky white collar. On their head, they wear a pointy red Santa hat to match their outfit and their adoring blue/brown eyes. These endearing elves are very flexible too, as their arms and legs are bendable, so they can get into various positions and surprise you.

The elves end up in the most naughty places, doing the craziest things, “I once caught my elf eating cake,” said Elizabeth Curran.

“My elf knocked over a vase of flowers,” said Sophia Lee.

Elves on the shelves have brought joy to many people, so if you decide to get an elf on the shelf, it will surely bring extra happiness to you and your family. Adults and kids should be careful though, these sneaky elves are always watching every move you make. So, try to be good so you can leave a good impression on these elves, as they can get you on the nice list.

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