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Capri-Sun Flavor Ratings

Capri-sun has so many new flavors and it can be overwhelming to know which one to try. Well, you’re in luck because we have tried them all. Well, we have compiled a list of our top 5 flavors from a scale of 1-10 would definitely buy again to 1/10, don’t waste your money.

At number five, we have Cherry. Cherry was slightly tangy but tasted a lot like cherries. It had a very pleasant taste and a good aftertaste as well. The only thing missing was the Capri-Sun goodness you expect in every pouch. We rated this an overall 4.8/10 and we would probably buy it again.

For number four, we put Strawberry Kiwi. You can definitely taste the strawberry kiwi flavor, especially the kiwi. It has a decent aftertaste of kiwi, which is great. We rated this a 6/10 and would most likely buy again.

In our number three slot, we put Splash Cooler. It’s a newer flavor, but its very tasty. It doesn’t have a specific taste; it just tastes like a Capri-Sun. You could drink three boxes of them without getting tired of it. Normally, when you buy a Capri-Sun you expect a flavor to be stronger than the rest, but that just isn’t the case. We rated this a 7/10 and we would absolutely buy it again.

Second place goes to a classic, Fruit Punch. It has the perfect balance of fruit punch flavor and the nice Capri-Sun taste. We all remember growing up on these, and to know it is still near the top after all these years is great. We gave this a 7.3/10 and we would buy it again.

Before we get to our first place, we have a few honorable mentions. Everyone remembers Apple and Berry Capri-Suns, but you would be shocked to know that they are not as good as you might remember. Berry is extremely watered down and bland, lacking the Capri-Sun goodness, which earned it sixth place with a 3.1/10. Apple was a huge disappointment, since it tasted sour and just overall didn’t taste like apple juice, which got it seventh place with a 2/10.

Now, for the flavor you have all been waiting for, first place is Mountain Cooler! The Capri-Sun is very tasty and refreshing. It tastes like how good apple juice tastes. It is an experience that you can only drink one at a time. We ended up rating this an 8/10 with a we would definitely buy again.

In the end, we figured out that most Capri-Suns aren’t what we remember, but revisiting your childhood is a fun thing to do. Capri-Suns are the best way to do it, as long as you do it right.

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