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Boots for Sale!

Have you ever spent hundreds of dollars on a single pair of winter boots? Well, I haven’t, because I believe that some brands are worth the money but not all brands.

“The big, expensive boots over 200 dollars are not worth the money,” said Vivian Lyle. I also believe this, because why waste all this money for one pair when you can buy three pairs for 200 dollars at a cheaper store.

“I have bought boots from Ugg for $20 each,” said Vivian. “I have bought boots from five-star stores and they are not worth the money, because they fell apart very quickly.” If you buy boots that are Dr. Marten’s, they are about 150-200 dollars each. From experience, they are worth your money.

“Just because boots have lots of stars that does not mean they are good shoes,” said Vivian.

“I have five pairs of boots right now in my closet, two out of five of them are knockoff shoes,” said Vivian Lyle. You can get boots from Greson for 500 dollars, and you can get boots from Clarks for 150-200 dollars each. Boots from Belstaff are about 300 dollars. Good brands like these are worth the money, because they can last a long time and they have good quality.

“Lace boots are very fashionable,” said Vivian.  There are many types of boots like lace, zipper, ankle heel, boot that go up to your knee or slightly lower than your knee.

“To me ankle boots are more comfortable than high top boots,” said Vivian. Most model also wear ankle high boots. At DSW they have boots for 100 dollars at most. They have many brands and DSW is a very popular shoe store.  A brand called Merrell have very good quality hiking boots. I hope you now save money instead of wasting it on boots that might fall apart quickly.



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