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Andiamo’s: A Review

On Friday, the 24th we went to Caffe Andiamo’s. We had a party of 7 and ask for a table. When we walked in the service was great, they took our phone number to text us when our table was ready. We walked around for about 15 minutes until we got the text. We got seated and right away our drink orders were taken. After a short wait we got our drink and bread. The bread was warm, and we got to dip it in olive oil and vinegar.

Throughout the dinner our waiter was very nice and friendly, he was a previous Landrum graduate and knew Mrs. Pagliughi our teacher. About five minutes after we got our drinks and bread, we ordered which we got three cheese pizzas and two Hawaiian pizzas and an order of pasta.

After about 20 minutes our food arrived. After taking a few pictures of the food we started to eat, the pizza was good with a good crust, and it was crunchy and fluffy. The Hawaiian pizzas were not as good as they were made with a meat called pancetta aka the Italian bacon. The Hawaiian pizza was good for the first couple of slices but soon got a little sweet tasting.

Our friend Jax was enjoying his pasta dish when he bit into a clump of hard pasta which we then told the closest waiter who would tell our waiter, our waiter didn’t come by for another 10 minutes. However, he was very kind about it and said he would talk to the chefs and could give us a discount. When he came back, he told us that the chefs said it was because when the sauce becomes colder it can cause the pasta the clump up. We let it be and went on with our dinner. We ordered a tiramisu and that was good. It took our waiter about 15 minutes to bring our checks and didn’t come to pick them up until like 20 minutes later. When we asked for our check, we got them about ten to fifteen minutes later which was very frustrating because we were anxious to leave. When we got the bill, we paid via card and he took our bill to charge our card and we left a tip and then we left

Overall, the experience was good, the environment and atmosphere were good, and the waiters were nice. The food was pretty good, I personally wouldn’t recommend the Hawaiian pizza although it was pretty good I just didn’t fully like it. The other pizzas were good, and the bread was amazing. Andiamo’s was expensive, but you are also paying for the environment.  The waiter was very kind and was making a lot of jokes with us. Logan’s sister was friends with one of the waitresses, so she came over to our table and talked to us for a little bit. We would recommend Caffe Andiamo’s to those who are trying to have a good night, but must tell to bring a little more money.


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