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 A Place and Time for Phones

Do you believe there is a proper way to use your phone in school? According to, “One study found that 95 percent of students bring their phones to class every day,” Does bringing, or even using, your phone in school affect how you learn and socialize with others?

Is there a way for more anti-phone reinforcement? Ms. Cortes, assistant principal at Landrum Middle School, says that there is a way, and it is through modeling good behavior. She mentions multiple times that if students see peers not using their phones, they will reflect this behavior, “I never carry my phone around,” she says. She talks about how she leaves her phone in her office during the day, “I gave my family members the office phone number so if they need to reach me, they can call me that way,” Ms. Cortez also says how she’s not bias about who’s phone she’s taking, she is fair with everyone.

Phones have some benefits too; they can be used as sources of information and research for projects. “You can find a treasure trove of information instantly,” said Kevin Keltner, the principal of Fort Zumwalt South High School in St. Peters, Missouri.

While phones can be of good use in the classroom, there’s also negatives, “The mere presence of a cell phone can be distracting for both the cell phone user and students sitting around the cell phone user, not to mention the obvious distraction if someone gets a text or phone call (even if on silent),” McDonough, an assistant professor at the University of Alabama explains. So, while phones can help students gather information for projects, research, etc., it still impacts the learning environment of students.

Ms. Cortes mentions her teaching days, and how her students at the time respected her enough to ask her about using their phones during class time. She talks about how if her students felt the need to text their parents, they would respect her no-phone policy and be able to text their parents after class.

So, there is a right way to use phones in school. But, if you’re doing it right and being respectful, you’ll stay out of trouble. Ms. Cortes wanted to mention though, adults don’t think negatively about technology. Most adults use technology in their daily lives, and some even rely on it. Ms. Cortes herself loves technology, but she also believes there is a place and time for phones in school.



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