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5 Movies That Aren’t Worth the Watch


Teen Wolf: Teen Wolf is an American comedy film produced in 1985. Though the movie had a great thought, it led to a more predictable ending, which misses all sorts of chances to be funny. The storyline is bland, and unoriginal, but it did have its benefits, including the romance between Scott and Boo, shaggy wolf hair, and so on. The plot also carried its way to an amusing ending, but along the way, it had bits and pieces that did sound fake. Either way, I think they could have added more ideas like accidentally chasing the mail carrier, dodging silver bullets, or unintentionally biting someone.


Starving Games: The Starving Games is comedic parody of the movie “The Hunger Games.”  It is overly violent with the intention of being hysterical. I would also like to point out that the acting is very dreadful, the movie feels overly weird, and the humor, meaning to be very entertaining, is most likely uncalled for. Another unusual idea included was that the movie was not only a parody of “The Hunger Games”, but also has included other movies/shows for a few seconds of the movie, including Harry Potter, Avatar, Avengers, and more. In my opinion, it is safe to say that this movie is unnatural and highly unlikely to ever happen.


Material Girls: Material Girls is a 2006 Comedy/Romance movie, but I think they missed a few things. It isn’t at all true or realistic, so it is nearly impossible to relate to. The acting could be better, the scenes are very fake, but it wasn’t poor quality. Throughout the whole movie, it felt like it went on forever. The girls are doing illegal activity and are applauded for it! They are halfwits, but then one minute later, they are super-geniuses! The characters are poorly portrayed. The movie ending is completely unrealistic, and everyone ends up rich and in love. Sorry to spoil the ending, but I think I did you a favor.


Twilight: Twilight is a love it or hate it movie, it has a ”certain” audience target, but I hated this movie. The acting is painful, and the settings are unrealistic. The camera angles made me shudder. I think that girls need a role model to look up to, but Bella is helpless, and always in need of saving. The whole movie wasn’t half bad, but I was bored and uncomfortable. I was very creeped out by the way the two interacted.  Overall, I don’t think the plot makes the most sense, but it’s not the worst film I’ve seen.


Troll 2: Troll 2 is a comedy/horror film made in 1990. With a budget of $100,000. In the movie, a young kid named Joshua travels with his family to a town called Nilbog. With the help of this grandpa’s ghost, Joshua fights off trolls and saves his family. With that being said I give this movie a solid 2/10. The story line was not awful, but the worst part was the acting. The actor’s lines altogether were not written well, and the delivery of those lines was even more atrocious. In conclusion the movie was disastrous. The makeup, costumes, SFX, dialogue and acting mixed together truly made this movie one of the worst things I have ever seen.


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