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Yeah, Chick-Fil-A!

Chick-Fil-A. Chick-Fil-A is an international fast-food restaurant, and arguably the best.  They are mainly known for their delicious chicken that millions love. They have a very sophisticated website, and a very good delivery and pickup app. You can also order off their website that is nicely organized to show you all of the hours. The things we are reviewing today is the look of the place, the customer service, and the look and taste of the food. Once we saw the open hours, we went to the restaurant to order some food.

We sat down at the table, and it was well cleaned, and smelled nice. The seats were pleather, and they were slightly weathered, but it was still comfortable and usable. Once we claimed our seats, we went up to order some food. The kitchen was really well cleaned and organized. The counters were cleaned off and the food orders were displayed on TV screens at the top. The place was very nice and overall, a 9/10.

The lady asked me my name and then asked what food I wanted. I ordered one chicken sandwich and a large fry and milkshake. When I checked the bag, they got my order correct and nothing was missing. Mack got a ten-count nugget with a medium fry and a Coca-Cola. He also received everything he ordered. The lady at the front was very nice and charismatic. She made sure we got our food quickly without any mistakes. The workers in the back were very quick and made our drinks fast and professionally. The customer service was an 8/10.

When I opened the chicken sandwich bag, I noticed how good the design was. The bag perfectly insulated the heat inside, and the sandwich was nice and warm. I took a bite of my sandwich, and it didn’t even taste like fast food! It was amazing! The chicken was crispy and hot, and the bread was fluffy, soft, and warm. Afterwards, I grabbed the waffle fries and picked up a fry. The waffle fry was hot and crispy, but it wasn’t salted well. The good thing is that there is salt condiments there, so I salted the fries. They were very tasty, but some of the fries were soggier than others. The milkshake was flavorful and was very thick and creamy. The flavor lasted throughout the entire milkshake and there was a nice ripe cherry at the top. The whip cream didn’t overpower the sweet taste of the chocolate milkshake. Then Mack’s nuggets were in a little box. Once he opened it, the aroma of gourmet chicken filled his nose, although it was fast food. He indulged happily in the chicken, and it tasted amazing. It was hot, crispy, and well cooked. The chicken was breaded well. He wanted to try out the sauces, so he grabbed the honey mustard container. The tin lid was easy to open and very convenient. He dipped the chicken into the honey mustard and bit into the chicken, and it was AMAZING! The sweet taste of the honey mustard perfectly contrasted the flavor of the chicken. It was incredibly creamy and dipped smoothly. After that, Mack tried the Coca-Cola. The syrupy and carbonated taste was exceptional. It was a very good drink for a very good meal. The food was amazing and was a 10/10!

In conclusion, Chick-Fil-A is an amazing restaurant. We reviewed it by three aspects; the looks of the place, the customer service, and the food. The looks exceeded expectations, the customer service was phenomenal, and the food blew our minds. Overall, the restaurant was a 10/10 and was extraordinary!


Enjoy this additional review of Chick-Fil-A

Chick – Fil – A, may be a fan favorite for some but should it be your go to fast food restaurant? We went to our local Chick – Fil – A, at the St Johns Town Center in Jacksonville. Here is what we thought.

Max – The Drive through

The first thing that we noticed was the drive-through line. The line was super long, if you found this long of a line at Wendy’s or McDonald’s it would take you hours to get your food. Surprisingly, the line only took a little under three minutes. The customer service was awesome and efficient. I ordered 20 nuggets with the Chick – Fil – A sauce and a chicken sandwich with a lemonade on the side. This was my experience of the food in the drive through. The nuggets were delicious, and the flavor lasted for a while. Then I tried the Chick – Fil – A sauce on the nuggets, I have to say, the sauce is not my favorite, it tasted too sweet for my liking. I moved to the chicken sandwich next. The buns were a little soggy but went great with the sandwich. The pickles that I got with the sandwich did not mix well at all with the chicken. I do not recommend getting pickles with the chicken sandwich. Next up was the lemonade, it hit the spot. It tasted like natural lemons grounded to make the perfect refreshing cold drink.

Chase – In store

The drive through line was extra-long so I went inside. I got the spicy chicken sandwich with 6 chicken nuggets and a large french-fry with a strawberry milkshake. The spicy chicken sandwich has the perfect amount of spice and sweetness, but with the pickles it makes the bun a little soggy. It has the perfect consistency with the sweetness of the Chik – Fil – A sauce. The workers are awesome, and they get you everything you need and get your food to you in minutes. The nuggets were perfectly crisp with the perfect amount of chicken in a little box to be eaten with the sandwich. I do recommend getting the Chick – Fil – A sauce with everything you get. I cannot forget the waffle fries, which were salted to perfection like always. They have a convenient straw / sauce bar to get all the utensils and sauces you need. Finally, the strawberry milkshake with extra whipped cream and a cherry on top. First, if you ask for extra whipped cream, they will give you a huge serving of it which is awesome. The milkshake itself meets all my standards and tastes better than any milkshake at other stores. And the cherry on top just completes the perfect tasty experience. To top everything off every Chick – Fil – A has a state-of-the-art playground. So, if you are the type of person who loves to run around and have fun while eating a perfect meal, Chick – Fil – A is the perfect place to go.


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