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Homeschooling vs Public School

Is homeschooling better than public or private school? No, homeschooling is not better than a public or private school due to the negative consequences of decreased social life, financial restrictions, and the amount of time a parent or guardian must commit to teach their children. Attendance at a public or private school better prepares a child for the future given the social environment found in a school setting, better access to learning resources, and better prepares the student for the rigors of continuing education in college.

Public schools provide students with a better social life than homeschooling does. In a public or private school, many kids are there. If you attend a public or private school, then you can make friends and have better socialization skills. Instead of having to make friends online which is unsafe, or having to make friends in a public place, you can have a relationship with people in school more easily.

Schools also have unique, new, and varied materials that you can learn. This includes learning about different religions, cultures, languages, and historical events, along with everything else in between. Homeschooled kids often don’t have the opportunity to expand their knowledge to learn different things than just the bare minimum. Whereas public or private schools teach the curriculum along with expanded learning points. Additionally, students have access to the resource center, library, computer lab, and teacher interactions who are subject matter experts in topics such as math, science, language arts, among other things.

Assuming a child is homeschooled through the twelfth grade and continues onto college, no new college freshman away from home for the first time should experience the added pressures of learning how to interact socially with people from different backgrounds, religions and interests.  Further, college professors expect their students to know how to research and engage all the learning resource tools available to them. If a homeschooled student entering college is not familiar with all the learning resources available to him or her, they are already behind.  College is not the time to learn the skills a public or private education provides each and every student.

Homeschooling will not fully prepare a child for the challenges he or she will face given the social and educational foundation a public or private school provides. Social engagement and awareness are as important to the development of a student as the education delivered by the public or private school. Both will create a more rounded student.

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