Do Music Videos Enhance the Song?


Madison Miller

Songs can vary from many different genres and cultures. They can range from pop, rock, blues, metal, and so much more. Although, a song is not much without the perfect music video to go along with it. Even though the video can’t always please the eyes, it brings a huge rush of excitement in most viewers which traces back to the central theme of music videos and their importance to the song.

To start off, most music videos are used to showcase what the lyrics mean to enhance the song truly. Which usually provides a sense of emotion, that changes people’s judgment towards the artist. For example, Ryan Ward presented the idea that “music videos also show how the artist feels about their songs.” In other words, every music video provides a new twist that shows what they think about their work. Most students believe that all songs should have their video because it could also change the viewers’ opinion on the song. For instance, it is prevalent to misinterpret the message a song is trying to create or send to the viewer. Though after seeing an acceptable video that ties the words together, they might have a better understanding of the piece. According to Ben Black, whose favorite song is Glorious, thinks that “the music video shows so much more than just the lyrics to the song.” Which is very understandable, considering the fact that Glorious is a very inspiring song. Adding a visual image to it just builds up the emotion that’s presented in the music. However, it should be mentioned that most kids believe the quality of most music videos, are becoming more irrelevant to the actual song. Based off of Ahan Soni’s reasoning, “when music videos don’t show much relation, it decreases the value of the song.” This problem could also increase the number of dislikes.

To come to an end, it can safely be said that music is a huge part of everyday life. Although most music videos can be quite disturbing or crazy, they all grab the attention of the many different audiences and opinions. Which is precisely how music videos do have an importance to the song.

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