American Obesity

Will Mathis

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Americans are stereotypically known to be overweight, but is there a hint of truth behind this? Even if they are not physically obese, it is almost certain that they have unhealthy eating habits and overly high caloric intake.

Since 1992, the average American daily caloric intake (the average amount of calories Americans eat on a regular basis) has increased about 304 calories according to Health day, a news site for health and environment news. While this may be reflective of the current prosperity of America, as it was for the Soviet Union in the 1970’s, it also reflects their overeating and laziness. This explains their common obesity known throughout the world.

According to The State of Obesity, 37% of West Virginia is overweight, 15% of people in Mississippi have diabetes, and 45% of adults do not perform sufficient amounts of physical activity. 33 states have policies to prevent this, but they’re not very efficient. America is one of the most obese countries in the world, and it will only get worse.

But why is America so overweight? Many suggest that due to the recent increase in how many calories people eat, their attempts to cut down on fat meant that they ate more carbohydrates, such as white bread/soda and other unhealthy substances. However, others believe that the American diet has always been unhealthy. Men’s Heal magazine holds that historically, Americans have overeaten fat, starch, and sugar. All of which, most physicians will tell you, can cause significant harm to your health.

To many, none of this will come as a surprise. When you live in a country with large amounts of food, it is only human nature to eat unhealthy things that are readily available to you. Without specific determination to exercise more nothing will change until we run out of food, which hopefully won’t be for a long time.