Live streaming the Pep-Rallys


Zeta Washington and Anna Taraboletti

Everyone has been raving about not having a volleyball pep-rally due to the school’s population. So, we came up with a proposal. All of our sixth graders were very excited to watch there very first volleyball pep-rally. But… that didn’t happen. We propose to create a basketball pep-rally but with a twist. Our goal is to have a fundraiser that will allow a live stream to happen in the auditorium. The classes who raise the most money will get first pick on seats in the gym. Including a small prize. The view from the auditorium will consist of a detailed projection, and possibly the LMS cheerleaders performing on stage as well.

Our next problem is our school’s population. Because only 900 people can fit in the gym, that’s where the idea of the fundraiser came from. Our school population is growing by the minute, so the people who didn’t raise as much money will be able to watch a live stream in the auditorium. With the money from the fundraiser, we can buy a new cable to connect from the gym to the auditorium for a detailed projection from one of Ms. Pagliughi’s cameras. The leftover money can be used to help out around the school or for journalism cameras and supplies. We’ve gotten many opinions including Coach Pastori, Dean Anthony, Mr. Butler, and even our principal Mr. Player. They’ve all agreed that we need to try and make this happen. As well as having all of these opinions from adults,

We have also gotten many other angles from students in this school. Some of them agree with the idea; others have different views. One of the ideas was to have our very first pep-rally outside! The good thing is that the weather has been getting cooler, so if we have one outside, there wouldn’t be a problem with the heat. On the other hand, the only problem with that is that it would be tough to get 1,285 students from the field and back. With this idea, there are safety issues. Getting 1,285 students out to the fields and back could be unsafe in the case of a fire. Also, this process may hold up the buses which can anger parents and students. To avoid this, you could have different grades on different days, or try to do a more organized dismissal. However, with all of this coordinating, this event may become stressful, unlike doing a live stream from the gym to auditorium. Every student will have a chance to see the pep-rally. We hope that we can make this pep-rally happen because it would’ve been the first time our school has ever done either a live steam pep-rally or a pep-rally outside.

Every year we have one in the gym, we want to do something new. It would be a huge deal for journalism, and we hope that students will enjoy this first-time experience. So, we hope that we can make this happen!

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