Which Running Club should You Choose?

Watercolor running people, group of people running together. Rainbow watercolor style.

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Watercolor running people, group of people running together. Rainbow watercolor style.

Madison Miller

Clubs are an essential part of every school. They provide an opportunity for kids to connect with others and test their true abilities. Two well-known clubs include Cross Country and Track. While very similar, these clubs both have specific athletic requirements. However, the real question is, which is favored the most?

To start off, the number of people that have been doing Cross Country has grown dramatically. About 80 kids do this particular club. Which is a massive increase from last year? It is great that there are so many participants, but with all those kids, coaching will start to get difficult. According to Brendon Myers, current Cross Country member, he “wishes he could run more during the week. We only practice on Mondays, and have met on Saturdays”. This only gives an hour a week of practice, along with a lot of people in the club. While having this challenge, kids still doing Cross Country are performing well in the meets. Tracing back to Brendon Myers, who placed in the first Cross Country meet of the season. Coming in 10th place with an astonishing time of 13.05 minutes. As Cross Country has its downsides, it’s shown to be quite fun.

On the other hand, Track club is also a big deal in our school. Last year, Landrum was making great impressions at the local meets. Though just as Cross Country, there was a limited amount of kids participating. However, it was still an active, supporting team. Former Track runner Carissa Kowitski “does not think that more people will join Track than Cross Country this year because people prefer jogging than sprinting.” This is also why Carissa is not going back to Track and has joined Cross Country. The track is challenging but can be very beneficial. Research shows that short sprints result in muscle building, while long distance running burns calories and improves endurance. Even though practices are just as Cross Country, a few people may result in more reps. Which creates better athletes? Track club is not easy, but it’s a great alternative to 2-mile runs.

Coming to an end, it can safely be said that this year has been too short to confirm a final decision. Though so far, the mass majority favors Cross Country more than Track. So clearly, despite which is most challenging, it all comes down to the people at Landrum. No matter if you’re looking for a fun activity or something to benefit you physically, and mentally, these two clubs are perfect candidates.

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