Keeping Your Phone Safe


Emily Dorairaj

In 2017 nearly 80% of all teens have a phone. How can you keep your phone safe at school? According to Dean Anthony, “2 to 3 phones went missing last year, but it isn’t clear if they were lost or stolen.” This could be changed if you follow the following steps. Here are some steps you can take to prevent your phone from being stolen or tampered with. First, always keep your phone in the same place in your bag, so you don’t forget where you put it. Also, don’t keep your phone where it can easily be seen if someone opens up your bag to prevent anyone that may go through your bag to find it. Additionally try to keep your phone in your bag instead of your locker, if you forget to lock your locker or if it doesn’t close completely, someone can go inside your locker and take it easily. Sharing passwords can be harmful but if you feel confident that you can give them to certain people share them at your own risk. You should never keep anything on your phone that could damage your reputation or get you in trouble. Keep a password on your phone as a defense against anyone breaking in on your phone. On a different aspect of keeping your phone safe be careful of viruses and bugs. Be sure never to download software, apps, etc. that you are not sure if they are safe or where they came from. Never open messages from unknown sources and don’t answer calls from unidentified people. Stay away from unsafe websites on the internet that may contain malicious software. Also, try to download anti-virus apps that will help block malicious software that could harm your phone. Trying to following some of these steps could help you keep your phone safe during this school year. 

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