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The Predator

Top Five Best Movies for the Holidays

Top Five Best Movies for the Holidays

All throughout December, families across the US will enjoy the holidays in many ways, but by far the best way is to watch Christmas movies. There are so many different Christmas movies, some better than others, but we found the top five greatest Christmas movies just for you.

5.The Polar Express

The Polar Express is an action packed and adventurous movie. It’s about a doubtful boy who gets on a mysterious train that’s going to the North Pole. He went through a lot of self-discovering events during the night. By the end of the journey, the boy learns that the wonder of life, never fades for those who believe. The Polar Express is number five because it teaches a lesson throughout the story and is overall a great movie. The animation makes the characters seem very realistic, and it adds to the movies feelings as you watch it.

“The train director is lit,” said Jace Murchison.

4.Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation is a movie about a family, the Griswold’s, that experiences lots of troubles on their Christmas vacation. Some difficulties include unwanted family members, power outages, frostbite, and a ruined turkey. Christmas Vacation might just be the funniest Christmas movie ever made and that’s why is the fourth best movie to watch on the holidays. This movie has so many great jokes that perfectly fit with the characters.

“Because the characters are funny,” said Maclin McCabe.

3.The Grinch

The Grinch is a story about a green beast-like creature who hates Christmas. The problem is that the people in Whoville love to celebrate Christmas. Through many events, the Grinch come to be fond of the holiday and even saves it from himself. The Grinch deserves this spot because it’s a great classic from Dr. Seuss that everyone should love. Some people can even learn many great lessons from it.

“…[I]t teaches kids not to be greedy about Christmas presents,” said Ashby Baggs.


Elf is a story about a baby who ends up at Santa’s workshop in the North Pole. He is raised there as a kid until one day where he wants to see his dad. He travels to New York in search of him. This is a funny movie and always will make you laugh, and that is why Elf deserves the number two spot on this list.

“Because it’s funny and it’s the best Christmas movie,” said Cole Leivent.

1.Home Alone

Home Alone is a very funny movie and is about a kid who gets left home alone. He tries many silly things to do since his parents weren’t home, until things get serious when robbers decide to rob his house. He tries to set up many traps to defend and save his house. Home Alone is number one because it’s one of the best comedy movies, and it always keeps you entertained. This movie has a story that will put you on the edge of your toes.

“It’s got a great story and has funny characters,” said Dante Milo.

Hopefully this list we help you and your family find the perfect movies for these upcoming holidays. There’re so many different Christmas movies, so it’s hard to find the one for you. This list should help you find the perfect Christmas movie.

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