Previously, we went to the restaurant, I Noodle located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. To start, the overall review of this place is a 4.5. I noodle was first opened in 1995 and recently opened right here in Ponte Vedra Beach in 2019. Ever since it opened here, it has been a huge hit. I Noodle serves Asian Fusion and Chinese cuisine family recipes that have been passed down from many generations. The head chef here in Ponte Vedra is from New York City. He decided to come down here and show people what an amazing restaurant I Noodle is. I Noodle serves high quality food with fresh ingredients. Their food is made from scratch and the chefs work hard in those kitchens to make sure you feel satisfied after. The whole restaurant gives a warm welcoming and gives you an experience that will make you want to come back.

Additionally, the restaurant provides a dine in or takeout system. We had the option of either dining inside or outside. As soon as we sat down, a waitress immediately welcomed us and asked for our drink order. About three minutes later, our delectable bobas were placed in front of us along with two complimentary samples of pickle daikon and smash cucumber. Next, our waitress kindly took our food order. She provided us with many recommendations and insight. To add, after approximately 6 minutes of patiently waiting, our mouthwatering food was ready. The server provided chopsticks, a fork, and a large spoon for the flavorful broth. Further, our waitress asked how the food was twice and replenished our waters when needed. To finish off the evening, she brought the bill with two little cups full of iced jasmine tea! The overall atmosphere of inoodle is relaxing and appetizing. We highly recommend inoodle as the perfect place to catch up with a friend or go on a date with that special someone.

For our drinks we got the rose milk boba and two Fruit tea boba’s. They were very refreshing and the boba pearls were chewy and delicious. We also loved how they had a wide range of flavors to choose from. Then, for appetizers we had the pork buns, krab rangoons, and kimchi. The pork buns in our opinions were the star of the show. The soft pillow like buns surround a juicy piece of chicken that melts in your mouth. It also comes with pickled daikon and a Korean sauce that adds the perfect amount of spice to the dish. Next the krab rangoons were crispy on the outside, but then filled with cream cheese and imitation krab. It also came with an amazing, sweet Thai chili sauce. Further, the kimchi produces a spicy, sour, tangy, and salty feeling in your mouth. To add, the portion is very large so we recommend splitting it with a friend.

Now for the entrees, we got the shoyu ramen, crispy chicken with yum-yum sauce over rice, and the miso ramen. The shoyu ramen is a soy sauce-based ramen topped with bamboo shoots, chicken, fish cakes, and a boiled egg. All of these toppings pair perfectly together, and this dish is packed with so much flavor. This meal was warm and comforting. Then the crispy chicken with yum-yum Sauce. This entrée was fried chicken tossed in yum-yum sauce served over white rice. While it is very good as it is and it perfect for picky eaters, we wanted a little more flavor. We added the sweet Thai chili sauce to it and it really elevated the dish. We liked how there were many different textures like the crispy chicken and the soft rice. To illustrate, the Miso Ramen was placed on the table with a perfectly cooked egg topped with seaweed salad and extremely flavorful shredded pork. Underneath these garnishes was the ramen noodles, mushrooms, and broccoli. All of these ingredients were soaking in flavors broth.

Our experience at I Noodle was super fun and we learned that this is the perfect restaurant for anyone. After we ate and left, we felt so satisfied. Their food is so delicious, and it will keep you full until the next morning. This restaurant isn’t like any others. I Noodle has the “full treatment.” I Noodle has a cool environment and right as you walk in you will be amazed.  In conclusion we rate our experience here a 9.5 out of 10. So anytime you and your family are looking for a place to eat, I Noodle is the perfect place to go.