V’s Pizza: A Review


V’s Pizza is a 4.6 star rated restaurant, many customers enjoy going there and have written many honest reviews. One of the customers from Vs pizza said,” Love the pizza here! I am challenged to find better pizza in the area! We also love their wings and whisky selection! We are super supportive of the V for Victory charity and giving back. Love this about this company. The service is always top notch, and they spare no expense on the beautiful decor and atmosphere. We keep coming back!”

V’s gives their charity to a foundation that helps families in Jacksonville who have a loved one with cancer. Why do they do this? Well, because one of the owners has a son and he is a cancer survivor when he was 3 years old, he had cancer, and the family did not have much money to help with it. They hoped someone would create a foundation like this, but it did not happen for them but, they were making sure it does for others in need.

The food we got was delicious, we ordered two half cheese half peperoni pizzas and their signature wings which have a seasoning that includes fresh lemon, rosemary, garlic, EVOO and V spice mix. Wisconsin beer & bratwurst pizza is the weekly special, they start with their house made dough. Then slather on their homemade beer cheese sauce made from imported Wisconsin aged cheddar and Asiago cheese with a healthy splash of Miller High Life – they say, it’s truly the “Champagne” of beer cheese! They also carry gelato, which they change every week. We decided to try them, we purchased chocolate, espresso chip, pistachio and vanilla. The gelato there is very smooth and taste like its straight from Italy.

The people who help you order your food and taste test the gelato are very nice, we had Jennifer help us with our order. Pros and cons at V’s. Some pros are, Quick service, busy (which shows how popular it is), offer kids pizza dough to play with and give them the experience of making their own pizza. Many drink options, staff are super nice, handheld and online menus and many food options. Some cons are, 3 light bulbs were out, the later you go the service gets slower, and not enough parking for 2 Restaurants.

A lot of their ingredients are imported from Italy to their pizza restaurant. Flour, 4 different types of cheeses, salami, and pepperoni are all imported from Italy including their wood and ovens the used to make pizza, its truly the Italian experience! V’s pizza is known for their dinner options and meals. Some of the diner options at V’s are, bruschetta, v signature wings, side Italian salad, chicken pesto sandwich, linguine and meatballs, v stromboli, and mac attack pizza. They also have several desserts including mousse al cioccolato cake and Tiramisu. For the littles they carry pizzas, butter and cheese noodles, buttered noodles and noodles with a meatball these are on the cheaper side with up to 10 dollars.

The restaurant is very nice on the inside and out.  it makes you feel like you’re in Italy. It immediately smells good from the moment you walk in. Especially that amazing smell of homemade pizza with fresh mozzarella toppings. V’s is connected to a bar called Julep. On the inside there is a super cool painting against the main back wall it is of a cow with horns, and it reads pizza Napoletana.  Overall, the place is very nice and comfortable.

Overall, we had a great experience at V’s pizza and found it as a cool family restaurant but also a restaurant that you can have fun and hang out with your friends in. We went on and rated the experience, food, and service. The experience there was a 9 out of 10 for us, they mastered the smell and the interior design, especially with the multi-tasking Italian house where they store their ingredients and for their terrific design. Now for the service and food, the quick seating and the food coming out shortly after really did it for us we rated the service a 10 out of 10, for a pizza restaurant and it to come out fast is very hard. Last the food, it was spectacular just looking at the images online makes you drool and suddenly full of hunger, we rated it a 9.5 out of 10 there is a variety of flavors busting in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. We will be going back!


Fun Facts

Their pizza, calzones, Stromboli, and wings have absolutely no GMO’S, added nitrates, or artificial preservatives of any kind at all.

Their dough is made from Italian 00 flour that is completely organic and not bleached or enriched in any way shape or form.

There food is baked in a 900-degree Italian wood fire oven imported from Italy!!!