Sierra Grille Review      


Sierra Grille was a great experience, from the food and the service to the cleanliness and formality of the environment. We were planning on going to Chipotle for a quick meal, but unfortunately, it was closed.  We had to decide on a new option and Sierra Grille was next seeing it has the same style of food. We made a great decision with going here.

The second we walked in, we noticed how well kept the restaurant was, all the tables were wiped clean, the floor wasn’t dirty, and the counters were sparkling. We immediately went to the register to order and noticed the extensive well written menu, it included, burritos, quesadillas, sandwiches, salads, and a few starters. I decided to order first and go with the southwest burrito, then Elle ordered a chicken Caesar burrito, and finally, Janie went with the quesadilla with grilled chicken. Janie and Elle ordered separately from me, and they also got drinks. The waiter saw we were kids paying with our own money and gave us a free drink. Overall, the customer service was great. Our bill came out to be a little over thirty dollars.

Our food was ready within three minutes of us ordering it and was still very warm and fresh. Once we grabbed our food, we went to check out the salsa bar. There were so many different salsa options some spicy and some sweet. There was one for everybody, but we decided to try out all of them. Our favorite ended up being the roasted tomato salsa. It had great flavor not to sweet, not too spicy, and had a perfect texture. If you aren’t a fan of your average salsa, I’m sure you could find another type like their sweet pineapple, corn, or spicy salsa, or if you just want a simple salsa, they have some Pico de Gallo for you.

When it was time to try our food, we were all excited. The smell was great, and the food looked amazing. My southwest burrito had a mix of chicken, beans, rice, and toppings, the mix of flavor was on point. The only downside that was obvious, was the lack of sauce, it may have needed an extra kick of flavor to make it perfect. Other than that, I thought my burrito was delicious. Elle’s chicken Caesar burrito had a lot of flavors. She is a big fan of Caesar salad so she thought this would be a great option, she was right. Although the burrito was very flavorful, it had a little too much sauce for her liking. She still enjoyed the Chicken Caesar Burrito, but if she had to change one thing it would be that. Janie ordered the chicken and cheese quesadilla with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa of choice. She thought it was a perfect option for kids who wouldn’t want a whole burrito or anything with too many toppings but was still delicious for anyone else. It was larger than expected and came with a side of chips. The chips were pretty good, but we all agree that they need a bit more salt. Elle and Janie both got drinks, but they only had coke products, so you cannot get Dr. Pepper. This was a small downside along with the fact that the lids to the cups and salsa were incredibly hard to close and kind of crumpled up when we were trying to put them on. One good thing we did see with the sodas was that they had two different soda machines, so we didn’t have to wait at all which kind of made up for that.

Though there were some small issues with the fountain drinks, the cleanliness of the restaurant was amazing especially compared to chipotle. The floors were very clean, they used gloves, and they wiped down the counters before making our meals. That made us all feel much more comfortable and gave us one less thing to worry about in our experience. Being in a nice clean space always makes us want to stay instead of getting out of there as soon as possible. Its surroundings are great, with Target, multiple businesses, and Publix around. This makes their customer range vary, between young men and women, to full grown adults, the store is very welcoming.


Overall, we had a great experience at Sierra Grille and will be going back again. Next time you are having trouble finding a place to eat, you should try out Sierra Grille.