Cinemark: A Review


Madison Blunk

For a movie theatre Cinemark is a good one. Its location is perfect because it is close to a bunch of restaurants and the Saint Johns Town Center. It is nice if you want to relax on a rainy day. You can buy tickets when you get to the theatre, but I recommend buying tickets online because they sell out fast especially if the movie just came out. When you first walk in there is an arcade on the right and a small restaurant on the left. The arcade has games like flappy bird and walking dead so it is a perfect way to waste time if you get to the theatre to early. The restaurant is great if you don’t want popcorn to be your main meal. When you get past the check in point there are snack lines where you can get snacks like popcorn, candy, pretzels and more. They also have drinks like water, sprite, slushies, and alcoholic drinks for adults. After the you get snacks, there are twenty theatres in the place, ten on the right and ten on the left. The bigger theatres are near the front and the smaller ones are towards the back.

Inside the theater

Cinemark also is wheelchair accessible to people who are disabled can also enjoy the movie experience to. They supply spots on higher up in bigger theatres for people with wheelchairs so they can get a better view. To get up they can take an elevator. Inside the theatre it is very cold inside, so I recommend bringing a jacket to keep warm. The newer theaters have better chairs then the others. Some of the chairs are peeling and black pieces of leather get everywhere on your body and clothes. But the chairs over all are very comfortable. The bigger theaters have D-box chairs which vibrate with the movie. Some downsides to this are that people around those chairs can also feel some of the vibrating. Cinemark offers many ways to watch a movie. I like 3-D movies, but they also have XD, D-BOX, REAL D, and standard format. The sound system in Cinemark is great to because it is not to loud that your ears hurt but it is not too soft to where it is very hard to hear.

Outside Appearance

When you get there the entrance sign looks good during the day. but at night some of the lights do not work so it looks a little off balanced or weird. They should replace the broken lights with fresh newer ones.

Movie Times

The last movie I went to was at seven o’clock and I got out at nine thirty, When I looked around after my movie, I saw that there were ten to ten thirty showings. They also have showings as at eleven fifty in the morning. Overall Cinemark is a very fun place to go to on rainy days. I would defiantly come back again to see another movie. The way the place is laid out and the quality of the movies are great.