Spider-Man No Way Home Ending

Have you seen the new Spider Man movie? It has gotten great reviews, but people have had mixed reactions about the ending of the movie. SPOILER ALERT!!!! The story ends with everybody in the universe forgetting about our dear Peter Parker. Even his best friend and girlfriend forget that he ever existed. It left many viewers speechless and sad that nobody knows who he is anymore. We are asking some of our classmates at school about their opinion on this ending.

“I liked the ending of the movie because it gave a lot of suspense and it got me ready for the next movie,” said eighth grader Nate Gallagher. I can speak for everybody when I say that we are all waiting for the next movie. The ending left many fans on a cliff hanger about the next movie and if MJ or Ned will ever know Peter again. I feel that in the next movie MJ and Peter will meet again in a fight or something, and once they see each other, then MJ will start slowly getting her memory back about Peter.

“I didn’t really like the ending of the movie. I wish that Peter would have kept trying to get MJ and Ned to remember him and not have just given up,” said 7th grader, Elijah Rivas. All of us should agree that Peter should have kept trying to get them to remember him. Instead, Marvel had to do us dirty and Peter was forgotten. I hope in the next movie MJ will start to get her memory back bit by bit. Ned will have a dream of Peter. In the dream Ned will see spider man take off his mask to reveal Peter. Once Ned sees Peter in his dream, he will also slowly get his memory back.

With these opinions of our classmates and ours, it is safe to say that everyone is waiting to see the next movie since the last one left everyone on a cliffhanger. There is very great chance that a lot of people will see the next movie after the success of Spider-Man No Way Home. This movie was easily the best of the Spider-Man movies.