Donda 2

Dante Green, Mikey Perez, and Sam Gallagher

2.22.22. That is the date Kanye promised Donda 2 would come out. When we heard this news, we were overly excited was dropping a new album. After we thought about Donda 2 for a bit, we realized there are lots of things that are worried are going to happen.

One of the probabilities of Donda 2 is it dropping late. Every Kanye fan knows he always dropped late, more than half of his albums are late. Out of all his albums, half of them were late. Even his debut album was 193 days late. Another thing I’m scared of is the album is too long. For example, Donda was a good album, but it was way too long. The album had part twos to some songs that just didn’t feel necessary. One last thing I’m scared of is it’s rushed. He just released Donda last summer, Donda 2 is not even a year apart! There is a high chance Kanye did not make a good album in under a year. This leads back to the probability of Donda 2 being delayed, knowing Kanye is a perfectionist and this album was made in such a short time.

Although there is lots of evidence showing Donda 2 can be bad, we still have some visions on how this album could be ranked high in his discography. One of the first things announced with Donda 2 along with the release date is that this album will be produced by Future. Future has a lot of experience and talent, so we are very excited that he is producing the new album. Kanye has recently been uploading on twitter, one of those photos was a photo of him with Travis Scott, Young Lean, Drake, and Baby Keem. This feature list is fantastic, one of a major part of an album is features and we already know Kanye succeeded with this. One last thing we want to see is a short track list, it would make sense to see one since this album took no time to make. When Kanye makes a short album too, it’s good. Look at Ye and Kids See Ghost, they are both under 30 minutes and both rated high.

In conclusion, knowing Kanye’s consistent discography and people working on the album, we think it will be a 6 or 7. We thought about the feature list and Future’s part as the producer, but also thought about the delays which could ruin our excitement and he took little time to make it. Overall, we decided it will be enjoyable and Kanye will not disappoint.