Landrum Lane at Daily’s


Egg white sandwich at Daily’s.

Vai Miller, Lexi Sprecher, and Rowin Shively

At Landrum middle school many students go to Daily’s afterschool. According to Ella Harper, a student who has been going to Daily’s since the beginning of the year, about 100 students are there afterschool. Despite what most people do, Ella does not buy anything because “Daily’s has a lot of food with a lot of nasty things in it,” she says. As a 2017 study shows, most gas station food is terribly unhealthy and does not contain much nutrition.

With all the parents picking up their students, you would think that it is not easy to get to your car. “…the kids normally flood into Daily’s,” Ella said. It is clear why so many students visit Daily’s with their friends, especially afterschool. Who would not want to go somewhere afterschool with friends and buy things? The average rating for the Daily’s on Landrum Lane is 4 stars. Daily’s on Landrum Lane has Daily’s Dash, a section of the store where they sell fresh-made sandwiches and wraps. There is a slushie machine and plenty of boxed food to choose from. Most think that a little junk food is not so bad, and they are right. On the contrary, too much can lead to future problems such as cancer, heart disease, and strokes. Whereas healthy and nutritious food can make your immune system stronger, strengthen your bones, and keep your five senses healthy. Keeping kids to eat healthy food is not an easy task. According to Ella, most of the kids who come to Daily’s afterschool buy something. It makes you wonder about how healthy our school really is. Of course, Daily’s does sell health food as well. One option is the Turkey Sausage and Egg White Flatbread, which has spinach, tomatoes, and cheese.

To ‘wrap’ up, the afterschool Daily’s flood is good for the Daily’s business. If there are over 100 students going there every day after school, that is a lot of money for the workers there. For all the students and people, they serve, they deserve the money.