What Should the Jaguars do this Offseason?


Jaguar’s stadium only half full.

Sam Wolf and Jake Mason



Even though the NFL season isn’t over it is never too early to think about the next offseason.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a first-year quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, and a first-year coach, Urban Meyer. They also have many other talented players including James Robinson, Josh Allen, D.J. Chark, Myles Jack, and Cam Robinson. Despite having all these skilled players, they can still improve. “They can improve on offensive line because there are some many sacks and Trevor Lawrence is running around the pocket. They also need wide receivers,” said Ellis.

The Jaguars have $235,724,168 cap space to pay free agents and draft picks, this cap space will be helpful to get the top free agents. This year there will be a lot of excellent free agents including Chris Godwin, Davante Adams, Rob Gronkowski, Chandler Jones, and Allen Robinson. The Jaguars will be a good landing spot for free agents because they are a building team that is getting better. Another reason they will be a top target for free agents is that they have a young quarterback meaning that they still have many years before they will have to make a quarterback change. “A free agent the Jaguars should get is Chris Godwin because he’s pretty fast and a good route runner,” Ellis said.

The Jaguars are projected to have a top five pick in the upcoming NFL draft so they can draft a top player from college. Some top prospects the Jaguars could draft are Kaydon Thibodeaux, Aidan Hutcherson, Chris Olave, Kyle Hamilton, Evan Neal, and Derek Stingley. No matter who they pick they should make sure that they aid Trevor Lawrence. “I think Trevor Lawrence is their best player because he beat the Bills by himself, and he has played good, but the other players need to step up,” said Ellis.

Another route they can take is trade; a few teams have traded away top draft picks for players who are already good, but Ellis thinks it is a clever idea. “During the draft they can trade away picks for players who are already good,” said Ellis.

This could help them because when players are drafted no one knows how well they will do in the NFL, but if they trade for players who have already proven themselves, they can immediately improve their team. Another reason to do this is that they can not only improve their team, but they can also trade for draft picks in the future, so in later years they can have more draft picks to boost their team’s potential. Another thing they could do with trades is they could trade players that are on their team to get better players from other teams. Trades could be a straightforward way for the Jaguars to benefit quickly.

But even with all these workable solutions to make them better it might not be enough. Ellis said “I think the Jaguars record next year will be 5 and 12 because Trevor Lawrence has to get used to the team to be good.”